• Associated Students recycle bin

AS Sustainability Hallway Bins

March 8, 2017

Associated Students Sustainability and Recycling Services continues to be a beacon of forward thinking with their sustainable efforts.  These efforts come in the form of new, eco-friendly recycling and trash collection bins. These bins are single units divided into either two or three sections and color-coded—one for landfill (black), mixed paper (blue), and bottles and cans (green).  Currently they are placed at Oviatt Library, Juniper Hall, and Chaparral Hall.  Future expansions will see bins in Michael D. Eisner School of Education Buildings, University Hall, and Jerome Richfield Hall in the near future. 

The funding for the bins came from the CSUN Campus Quality Fee (CQF) process that each student contributes to while attending CSUN.  The primary purpose of CQF funding is to enhance the learning experiences of students on campus in a multitude of ways.  With the plans set forth in the Campus Sustainability Plan to reduce the amount of recyclables going to landfills by providing a means to recycle more, this new in-building recycling program definitely meets those goals. The collection from these bins is made possible by the partnership between Physical Plant Management Custodial Services and AS Sustainability and Recycling.

Rolando Valiente, Operations Supervisor, describes the initiative as a way to education as well as act.  “We want our students to be just as conscientious about the environment as we are.  We think these new bins make it easy to not only put in practice, but also educate on the differences between the types of discards.”  Since it’s inception, approximately 34,414 bottles and cans equal to 1803 pounds have been recycled. 

 One of the goals of AS Sustainability and Recycling is to shift the use of the word “trash” into one of the three mentioned categories.  By doing this, we will be able to limit beverage containers and paper, which are both recyclable, from ending up in a landfill. With waste becoming a growing problem in our environment, AS Sustainability and Recycling has taken it upon themselves to make a difference and educate the student body and help future generations. CSUN is already making strides to become more eco-friendly and this is an additional step in the right direction. This is just the beginning for AS Sustainability and Recycling as they plan on expanding and educating students about sustainable programs through campus.