Recyclemania Grand Champion Results

April 26, 2016

Recyclemania champions

This year's Recyclemania, an eight-week friendly competition that tracks and monitors recycled content, has concluded and the results are in! California State University Northridge, driven by the efforts of Associated Students (AS) Recycling, placed 76th out of a total of 208 campuses in the Grand Champion category, placing them ahead of Stanford and Cornell University, and falling just behind Northwest Missouri. Basille Jimenez, who was the main lead from AS, reported that CSUN made a remarkable improvement from last year's competition, earning themselves a 40.5% Recycling Rate this year.

Without the participation and enthusiasm of students, faculty, and administration, the competition would not have been possible; CSUN's success is a direct result of the combined efforts of the campus community. In addition, Austin Ericksson, Sustainability Program Manager, and the entire Facilities Planning, Design & Construction division, were an indispensible team-player as they gathered the recycled content and computed the data, which Jimenez was then able to input into the Recylemania competition.

AS Recycling thanks the campus community for their involvement and participation, and looks forward to relishing this incredible achievement together, while continuing the diligent efforts in making CSUN a green campus.

CSUN’s ranking can be found on the Recylemania webpage.