Meet the CSUN Ballroom Dance Club

April 12, 2016

CSUN Ballroom Dance Club

On February 27th, the CSUN Ballroom Dance Club participated for the first time in an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) competition in Long Beach, CA. This competition, the Journey DanceSport Tournament, is the first qualifying event for the Junior Olympics. A total of eighteen members from the Ballroom Dance Club competed in this event, and performed a variety of ballroom dances, including east-cost swing, tango, cha-cha, waltz (American and Viennese), foxtrot, salsa, and rumba.

The results from the competition are very promising! At the newcomer level (less than six months of experience), 12 couples from the CSUN Ballroom Club placed first to third in the dances mentioned above. At the Bronze level (less than a year and a half of experience), our participants placed first place in all eight dances which were performed. In addition, four couples from CSUN placed second, and four placed third in this category. Finally, one CSUN couple performed east-cost swing at the Silver level (which is reserved to more experienced competitors), and obtained the first place.

Among the CSUN students competing, three of them joined the club with no prior ballroom experience only three weeks before the event, and all of them placed in at least one dance! These impressive results could not have been possible without the club’s ballroom dance coach, Wiley Simpson, a renowned dance instructor with world-class credentials, who has won many Pro championships.

The CSUN Ballroom Dance Club is currently preparing for its next competition on April 16th in Riverside. Twenty-four club members will be participating in this event, along with other colleges and universities, such as USC, UCSD, and CSULB.

The CSUN Ballroom Dance Club has been gaining new members every year, by offering lessons to both beginner and more advanced students. If you are interested in joining the Ballroom Dance Club next semester, you can email our officers or check out our Facebook page.