Best Practices Award

March 29, 2016

Best Practices Award

Under the guidance and direction of Cyndi Signett, the AS Recycling Team continues to raise the precedent and position themselves as trailblazers in the movement of increasing Sustainable practices. Their most recent, and noteworthy, accomplishment: receiving the highly esteemed and sought after CSU-wide Best Practices Award.

For over a decade, each year the CSU’s Chancellor office has recognized and awarded campuses that have demonstrated initiative in Sustainability, while setting the benchmark which the entire CSU can aspire towards. With that being said, AS Recycling’s Sustainable Office Program (SOP) was awarded for its innovative, dynamic, and interactive mission that not only practices what it preaches – ensuring the AS Recycling office met the criteria for the Platinum rating – but also, for its strategy to connect with and educate other departments and offices on campus.

Carlos Iglesias, one of the student leads for the program, beamed with pride as he explained the dedication and active involvement of the campus community: "So many of the personnel who work here on campus have been incredibly eager and open to altering previous, outdated practices in order to meet the criterion set by SOP. During our presentations we often have administrators, staff, and students copiously taking notes and asking several questions on how to reduce waste. They make it very evident that they feel strongly about increasing Sustainability campus-wide. It’s meant a lot to our team to see the tangible results of our efforts; to see that the campus is dedicated to decreasing our carbon footprint."

Starting at the grass roots level, SOP has developed into its own independent entity and has grown exponentially, which demonstrates how impactful the combined and joined efforts of the CSUN community can be. With the continuing participation of the campus – both on a micro and macro level – The Sustainable Office Program will undoubtedly reach the goal it endeavors to achieve: campus carbon neutrality by 2040.

The efforts of the Associated Students (AS) Recycling Department, amongst many other achievements, have cultivated a Sustainable culture that is being revered statewide. Come June 27, 2016, CSUN will be recognized at the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference, showing that the Associated Students has earned recognition not only for its own programs, but also – for CSUN as a whole.