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In this short documentary, Latinos grapple with defining their ethnic and racial identities.

In this short documentary, black women talk about the challenges they face in society. Black women talk about the multilayers of race and the culture of being a black women in America. They talk about racism and stereotypes that they face every day.

“A Conversation With Native Americans on Race,” the latest installment in our wide-ranging “Conversation on Race” series. Directed by Michèle Stephenson and Brian Young, the film grapples with the racist contradictions of a country that, many feel, would prefer it if Native Americans didn’t exist.

In this short documentary, former officers share their thoughts on policing and race in America.

This film aims to interrupt how police violence is driven by a false dichotomy between “good” versus “bad” people. Too often, the police inflict violence on the latter — those preemptively deemed guilty and thus unworthy of love, care or empathy. I hope this film can be part of a larger movement that helps to forge a broad alliance to unite all people, regardless of color or creed, in the service of human dignity.


This video will help you understand how to live and learn in a university that is classified as a Hispanic Serving Institution. Learn what it means and how it can help you understand the how to serve a diverse student body.

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Appropriate Verbs for Learning Objectives

In this Canva tutorial video, I'll be covering all of Canva, which is a free publishing and graphics design tool that you can use for all your publishing needs, whether it be for YouTube, Instagram, your business, or basic graphic design, even if you are a beginner that is just learning how to use Canva! After this Canva tutorial, you should be familiar with how to use Canva as a beginner to make any graphics for your business or YouTube channel, as well as understand how to utilize various functionalities provided by Canva. This Canva tutorial is for beginners so if you want to see a more advanced version of "Learn Canva in 10 Minutes", let me know in the comments!

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