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Funding Process

There are two types of funding allocation processes, annual allocation and supplemental funding.

Annual allocation process

The annual allocation process establishes the general Associated Students (AS) budget for the July-June fiscal year. It commences the preceding fall when all prospective budget areas or departments submit requests through a process defined in the AS Constitution .

During winter, the Finance Committee conducts hearings and recommends a budget to the AS President . He or she either approves the budget and forwards it to the Senate or returns it with recommendations to the Finance Committee for reconsideration. The committee forwards the reconsidered budget to the Senate , where it is reviewed and, as appropriate, approved.

Budgets approved by the AS Senate are sent to the CSUN president for final review and approval. Select the links below to view current and past budget documents.

You can read more about the annual allocation process on the Annual Budget page.

Supplemental funding

Half of the funds not spent in any given year roll over to the following year’s budget into an AS resource called unassigned contingency .

Existing or new department budget areas may request supplemental funding from unassigned contingency through the Finance Committee and senate . The request process is defined in Article V of the AS Constitution

In addition, students may request funding for the current academic year through the Student Travel and Academic Research (STAR) .

For more information, visit the Budget Types page.

Applications for Funding