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Supplemental Funding

Half of the funds not spent in any given year roll over to the following year’s budget into an AS resource called Unassigned Contingency or Supplemental Funding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AS fund past events?

AS does not fund events and travel retroactively. Please submit your request at least three weeks prior to your event.

How much funding can I request or receive?

The Finance Committee can recommend up to $3,000 for any single-day event, but you are able to request more if needed.

What can be funded?

  • Leadership Development Conferences and Activities

  • Speaker/Performance Programs/speaker-related fees (see Section V. E.1. - Contracted Services)

  • Social Media Advertising/Promotional Costs

  • Use of Facilities (On Campus)

  • Events where the primary audience is CSUN Students

  • Multi-use Banners

What cannot be funded?

  • Disc Jockeys and outside event producers

  • For profit Activities (i.e. where the intent is to make money for the organization

  • Decorations (including balloons, flowers [with exception of tradition of the rose up to $50], ribbons etc.)

  • Plaques, certificates, or other awards, including gifts, honorariums, and speaker-related travel expenses

  • T-shirts or other apparel (i.e. sunglasses, ball caps, etc. often used for giveaways). This includes items that are of a personal nature (i.e. individual pins, stoles, uniforms, etc.).

  • Food, unless it is essential to the nature of the program

  • Newsletters, personal business cards, and one-time use banners.

  • Payment for Students, Faculty, or Staff outside of AS, except Chartered student organizations who perform music or dance as a part of an otherwise AS-funded activity, can receive a maximum in payments up to $1,000 per fiscal year.

What are other things that can be approved?

The following items may be approved or not approved at the discretion of the Finance Committee

  • Expenses related to meetings

  • Fundraisers

  • Banquets

  • Interpreters (see Section E. Interpretive/Access services)

For more information, visit the Code on Finance page