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Instructionally Related Activity (IRA)

Each CSUN student pays $19 per semester for the Instructionally Related Activity (IRA) fee. The IRA fee provides funding for course-related projects or activities that extend beyond those funded through the State University Fee.

These are some excerpts from the definition of the IRA fee found in the CSUN policy:

  • It must be sponsored by an instructional department.
  • It must be integrally related to the formal instructional offerings.
  • It must be directly associated with one or more courses offered for credit by the sponsoring department.
  • It may not fund independent study courses.
  • The program must involve enrolled students in significant out-of-class activity, which results in a planned product, such as competition or performance before an audience, a display of material of instructional value to the university community, or a written publication available to students of the university.
  • It may only be used to support programs that meet the definition of instructionally related activities and fall into the approved categories of intercollegiate athletics, publications, forensics, music, drama and dance performance, Model United Nations and art exhibits.

While current IRA allocations tend to focus on activities affiliated with intercollegiate athletics and the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication, the fund has also supported required class projects, field trips and internship-type experiences in other arenas.

All disciplines are welcome. While AS has a tangential relationship to the IRA fee, we encourage faculty to seek IRA funding to enhance the student educational experience.

The funding cycle and the website application focus on the annual allocation process. However, allocations are permitted during the subsequent year when a modest amount of funds remain available.

Let us know if we can assist you in putting forth a funding proposal for the coming academic year.

More information on the IRA is available on the Academic Resources & Planning website. Please review the AS Code on Finance documents for the funding request procedures.