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Ali Al Farsi

Welcome CSUN student clubs and organizations to the Associated Students Annual Budget funding page!

California State University, Northridge is home to 40,000 students with 300+ student clubs and organizations. Associated students has a variety of avenues available for your student club and organization to apply for funding.

The annual budget funding process is offered as a means for your club/organization to apply for, and potentially receive, financial support towards your club events for the 2018/2019 academic year.

If your club will need any sort of financial support, it is highly encouraged that you first apply through the annual budget process now as opposed to applying for funds for each individual event throughout the academic year.

We also encourage collaboration in events between two or more student clubs and organizations on campus, and recommend to apply together.

Please read through all the information before submitting the application.

Thank you very much,
Chair of finance
Ali Al Farsi

Supplemental Funding

Instructionally Related Activity

Funds Transfer

Student Travel & Academic Research(STAR)

Associated Students (A.S.) provides funding for special projects, events, conference travel and more. Matadors can even access funding in support of student research and other scholarly activities.

Some areas that may be possibly funded through A.S. include:

  • Student organizations
  • Academic costs associated with the creation of original research, performance pieces, senior projects, etc.
  • Course-related projects or activities that extend beyond those funded through the State University Fee
  • Conference travel or travel relating to leadership training

Visit the Budget Types and Funding Process pages for more information, or review the 2017-2018 budget language documents for a detailed outline of funding requirements and definitions.

For more about A.S. Accounting and Financial Services, call (818) 677-2389 or visit our office located in University Student Union.

Annual Budget

Proposed budget for 2018-19 currently under review by the campus president.

For prior years, see the Annual Budget page.