• Associated Students Fees

Each semester the Associated Student (AS) fees go towards funding a variety of student focused services and programs and multiple essential areas related to Associated Students. Below you will find the areas where the fees go to.

 What is a Mandatory Fee?

A fee initiated by students that all enrolled students are required to pay whether they use the service or not. Mandatory fees pay for student-focused programs, services and facilities. All AS fees at CSUN have been approved by a majority vote of students via a referendum.


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Student Organizations and Clubs

$21.28 of the $115 goes to Student Organizations and Clubs. AS provides funding to student clubs and organizations.  This is an effort to enhance students’ experience on campus, these funds are used to produce events and activities that create a spirited learning-focused campus environment.

Scholarships and University Programs

$12.94 of the $115 goes to University Programs and Scholarships. Each academic year AS awards various scholarships. In addition, Associated Students provides funding for special projects, events, conference travel, and more. Matadors can even access funding in support of student research and other scholarly activities.

Student Leadership

$7.05 of the $115 goes to Student Leadership. Associated Students Senate serves as the official student governing body at CSUN. It is comprised of elected students representing each college and standing who represent the student body on campus and at the state level. The Senate meets weekly to discuss issues facing the student body on and off campus as well as approve, fund and support student clubs and organizations.

Children’s Center

$9.89 of the $115 goes to Children’s Center. The AS Children’s Center is an early childhood education program.  With our highly trained and qualified teachers we provide a safe and nurturing environment while promoting the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of young children.  This is a valuable resource for our students with children in need of care while they pursue their education.

Student Programs and Services

$25.51 of the $115 goes to Programs and Services. Associated Students provides student-focused programming and services. These include: AS Productions events such as Big Lecture, Big Show, and Farmers Market, Outdoor Adventures outdoor-based recreational opportunities including the highly successful Camp Matador, a welcoming experience for new students, AS Marketing support for AS programs, and additional support for clubs outreach including the Matador Information Network Displays, and Ticket Office’s affordable public transportation passes, discounted theme park passes, and on-campus events. 

Lease Payments, Building Maintenance and Supplies

$5.65 of the $115 goes to Lease Payments, Building Maintenance and Supplies. Associated Students designed and constructed a 10,000 square-feet Leed Sustainability Center, a multi-functional space, serving as the hub of sustainability on campus. Associated Students owns and operates a 12,000 square-feet Children's Center.  AS leases space from our campus partners to house our departments and staff/students.

Student Employment

$15.53 of the $115 goes to Student Employment. Associated Students provide employment opportunities with real world, hands-on experiences in a variety of fields including childcare, outdoor adventures and sports, marketing, programming, accounting, sustainability and more. Our student employees enjoy the scheduling flexibility, the learning opportunity and the convenience of on-campus employment.

Staffing, Human Resources and Accounting

$17.15 of the $115 goes to Staffing, Human Resources and Accounting. To provide excellent services and programming and continually meet the needs of our students, there is a need for professional staff in various roles within the Associated Students including HR, IT, Risk and other program areas. This also includes our accounting department that takes care of student clubs and organization funds as well as yearly audits.