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How to Vote

  1. Students of the TSENG College of Extended Learning do not pay AS/USU fees, and are not eligible to vote in these elections.  If you did not receive a link, this may be why.
  2. If you did not receive a link and you believe you are eligible to vote, please contact 677-2477.
  3. All students eligible to vote will be able to vote for:  AS President/Vice President, and up to five (5) candidates for the USU Board of Directors.
  4. Students will only be able to vote for two types of senators:
    1. Up to two (2) senators representing the academic college they are enrolled in;
    2. Up to two (2) senators representing their academic division (upper, lower or graduate) as of the date of the election.
  • Students WILL NOT be able to vote in any other senate races.
  • Students who are enrolled as having DOUBLE MAJORS will be able to vote for Senate representatives in BOTH their majors.

Voting is very easy and quick. Here is how:

1. On April 11th you will receive an email to your own personalized ballot. This will be sent to your CSUN gmail ( Click the link in the email.

2. Vote for your candidates! Also be sure to vote in the survey questions.

3. Submit you ballot when finished, you will receive a receipt to your Gmail upon completion!