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How to Run

  • Join our webinar called "How to Run for AS Office?" on the 24th of February at 5 PM.
  • The first step to being able to run for any position is to complete the filing paperwork. The filing will open on February 22 at 9 AM, and it ends on March 5th at 4 PM.
  • Once the filing has been closed, the paperwork for eligibility will be reviewed by the Chair of Elections with the help of the Office of Admissions and Records, the University Advisor to Elections, and the Elections Committee, under the A.S. Constitution, Article V Section I.A. 
  • While you are running, you can run with a slate or as an independent. 
    A Slate is a party you can run under during the elections. You will be running with other candidates such as the President, VP, and Senators whom you chose to make a party with. Similar to the National Elections, you can identify with a party or as an Independent when running.
  • All of the Campaigning will be happening in a remote and online setting. (NO Campaigning on campus!) Highly recommend having social media accounts where you'll be able to promote your slate. Associated Students will be uploading promotions for all candidates equally onto their Instagram page. 
  • Election dates: April 6th (8 AM) to April 7th (7 PM) 
  • Check out our FAQ for more answers or email The Chair of Elections