• Associated Students Elections; Lead the race. Change the game. Run.

AS Officers and USU Board of Directors Spring Elections

Welcome to the official website for the AS and USU 2018 Student Leadership Elections! Associated Students isn’t only for people interested in politics or government. Anyone and everyone who has had a meaningful CSUN experience and is passionate about being a student leader to create more meaningful CSUN experiences for themselves and others is the perfect candidate for Associated Students.

The unofficial results are in! Congratulations Matadors!

Questions or comments? Please direct all inquiry to the AS Chair of Elections at , call the AS offices at (818) 677-2477 , or visit the AS offices located in the USU next to the Grand Salon.  For more information about the  University Student Union Board of Directors , please visit .

Important Ballot Information

  1. Students of the TSENG College of Extended Learning do not pay AS/USU fees, and are not eligible to vote in these elections.  If you did not receive a link, this may be why.
  2. If you did not receive a link and you believe you are eligible to vote, please contact 677-2477.
  3. All students eligible to vote will be able to vote for:  AS President/Vice President, and up to five (5) candidates for the USU Board of Directors.
  4. Students will only be able to vote for two types of senators:
    1. Up to two (2) senators representing the academic college they are enrolled in;
    2. Up to two (2) senators representing their academic division (upper, lower or graduate) as of the date of the election.
  • Students WILL NOT be able to vote in any other senate races.
  • Students who are enrolled as having DOUBLE MAJORS will be able to vote for Senate representatives in BOTH their majors.

Meet the Elections Committee

The Elections Committee is directly responsible for ensuring the integrity of as well as making readily available access to running and voting in the Associated Students elections. The committee is comprised of a variety of CSUN students, each who bring a unique perspective and fresh set of ideas to the committee. This team of dedicated and passionate CSUN students works throughout the year to make sure that the CSUN AS elections is the best experience possible for candidates and voters alike.

Ronnie Medrano

Ronnie Medrano — Chair of Elections

My name is Ronnie Medrano. I am a junior studying in English. I just recently transferred from Mt. San Antonio College. I plan on receiving my my Bachelor's degree and teaching credentials to become a high school English teacher. Being that this is my first semester here at CSUN, my only current involvement is being Assistant Chair of Elections but look forward to be more involved with activities and clubs on campus.

Vidya Venkatesan

Vidya Venkatesan

My name is Vidya Venkatesan. I am an international student studying Physics. I started CSUN as a sophomore this Fall. After getting my Bachelor’s degree, I plan to get into a graduate school for higher studies. In addition to being an Election Committee member, I am also an active participant in the Society of Physics Students club and Women in Engineering club. Being a part of the Associated Student Organization is amazing. I hope to learn more about elections and increase the student involvement in it. An interesting fact about me is that I love learning different languages. I know English, Hindi, Oriya, and Sanskrit. I learned a little bit of Korean and Japanese due to Korean dramas and Animes. I am currently taking French 101. This hobby has helped me learn about different cultures. It has also compelled me to believe that no matter where we come from, we are all similar.

Stacey Aguila

Stacey Aguila

My name is Stacey Aguila and I am a first year graduate student studying Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. During my undergrad, and now my graduate time here at CSUN I have had the privilege of being involved with Associated Students through Student Leadership and Productions. I served as a Senator for the College of Education for two years and have been employed as a Producer since 2015. I am excited for my new role as an Elections Committee member and hope to increase voter turnout for this election season.

Angela Mendoza

Angela Mendoza

My name is Angela, and I am currently a junior majoring in Communications. With my degree, I hope to someday work for a radio station. I have a passion for giving back and helping in any way possible, so I do my best to volunteer & stay involved on campus. This summer I had the opportunity to be a part of New Student Orientation, which ended up being a great experience for me since I love meeting new people! With this said, I look forward to getting to know more students while also encouraging them to vote and get involved. Some Fun facts about myself: I could sleep all day if given the chance. I watch every show on TV. I also enjoy going to concerts and I love to dance, even though I'm not that good at it.

Kimberly Balderas

Kimberly Balderas

My name is Kimberly Balderas, I am a third year studying psychology. As well as being in the elections committee, I am also a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. Getting involved in campus has made me realize the different opportunities students have to grow and become successful. One of my many goals is to become more active at CSUN and make fulfilling friendships with the many people I know I’ll meet. My ultimate goal is to receive my bachelor's degree and go to graduate school and become a forensics psychologist. I am very excited to the changes and experiences that will happen this year!

Karen Ramirez

Karen Ramirez

My name is Karen Ramirez and I am currently a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Geology. Apart from being an Elections Committee member, I am the new Finance Lead for TEDx CSUN, a program that organizes a yearly TED-like event to spark conversation in our CSUN community. I am also Treasurer for the Geology Club, a club that educates geology and non-geology students through field trips, guest speakers and by discussing events and ideas. As a Geology major, I want a job that will allow me to travel and benefit society.

Club Competition

The Club Competition is a great opportunity for all University recognized clubs and organizations to promote themselves to their fellow students and win funding while doing so. Any recognized club or org with a good standing Agency Account with Associated Students is allowed to participate to win not only money but also present themselves to the student body and gain popularity amongst students. The club or org with the most votes at the end of the voting period will receive a first place prize of $800. This is an amazing opportunity for clubs to not only win funding but also win over potential new members to their organization.

Apply today!

Electronic Elections Packet: Forms, Codes, and Policies

Once you have filed for candidacy, make sure to submit the following paperwork to the AS offices or by email to by the listed deadlines. Any forms not filed or filed without proper signatures/information could disqualify you from candidacy.

Forms listed in red are required to be submitted by all candidates by the listed dates.

Media Forms - Due Friday, March 31 at 4pm

Press Release Agreement - Required for candidates to appear in media through AS and CSUN.

Finance Forms – Due Friday, April 14 at 4pm

Statement of Financial Disclosure Form - Shows the amount of money spent towards candidates’ campaigns. Accompanying receipts to purchases must be submitted with the completed form. Required EVEN IF no money was spent.

Monetary Donation Disclosure Form - Shows the amount of money received by a candidate/campaign. Required EVEN IF no money was received as donation.

Inappropriate Elections Conduct Forms

Formal Complaint Form - Use this form if you wish to file a complaint against an opposing candidate/slate. The Elections Committee will then deliberate upon the charge and determine the appropriate course of action. The last day complaint forms will be accepted is Friday, April 14 at 4pm.

Policies and Codes

AS Constitution - reference for officer qualifications and eligibility requirements.

AS General Elections Code - reference for rules on candidacy and filing, campaigning guidelines, the elections process, etc.

CSUN Student Conduct Code - reference for guidelines on permitted campaign behavior.

MIC Material Distribution Policies - reference for rules on material/publicity distribution such as permitted and restricted locations, types of permitted publicity, material approval process, etc.

MIC Material Posting Policies - reference for rules on material/publicity posting such as permitted and restricted locations, types of permitted publicity, material approval process, etc.