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I don't know if you remember me but my sons Caleb Lilly and Nicholas Lilly were with you for one summer and one year respectively several years back.

We bounced around several different pre-schools/daycares when my sons were still preK, some of which were okay and some were barely tolerable. We eventually landed at the CSUN Children's Center where you took my two sons Caleb and Nick and I wish we had been with you from the start. Caleb was there just for the Summer before he started Kindergarten and Nick started at the same time but stayed for a whole year before he started Kindergarten too. We all loved your school, especially your teacher Leslie Gussin, and have recommended you to a few different parents. My son Caleb was only there for a couple months and aged out so he could go to Kindergarten and didn't really have time to build any lasting friendships but my son Nick really bonded with a couple of your students who were in the same room as him but a year younger. We were really hoping and tried to maintain that relationship since leaving but unfortunately we drifted in new directions. I just now asked them if they had any memories from there of things they really liked doing or playing with and Caleb doesn't remember. Nick says he really liked playing with his friends. My personal memories of things I liked are that you stressed kids regularly wash their hands and brush their teeth. I also appreciated children being allowed to play barefoot. I remember Leslie sometimes bringing her rabbits and them running loose in the classroom and her raising composting worms and silk worms. Great teacher!

Caleb is now in 5th grade and Nick is in 4th grade. Time flies!

Thanks for the memories.

-Donald Lilly
  Administrative Support Coordinator
 American Indian Studies/Central American and Transborder Studies

When I came to the Children’s Center in 2004 to enroll my son, I was a bit nervous at first. However, the minute I came to the center I felt welcomed by the friendly greetings from staff and teachers. From that point on, my feelings of gratitude grew as I realized how lucky we were to have my son at the Children’s Center. I was grateful that my youngest son was cared for in a loving, learning, and safe environment so I could concentrate on my studies. The teachers were amazing and really got to know my son and me during our time there. I met many wonderful parents that I connected with and we became one another’s support system. I was a senior at CSUN and I had a lot on my plate with full time courses, graduation, and my family of five. I was able to graduate that year with the support of the Children’s Center! I continue to praise the center for all the great work they continue to do and have recommended them to many over the years! Thank you so much!

-CSUN Student Graduate

My sister-in-law, Leslie, asked if I was willing to provide some testimony as to the value of the Children's Center at CSUN. It would be my pleasure.

Back in the 1970s, as I was trying to complete my studies at CSUN, and my daughters were accepted in the Children's Center at CSUN. The environment at the Center was enriching and supportive. It was also very affordable. While it might sound like an exaggeration, their time at the Center changed my daughters' lives. As a result of the inclusivity of the Center, my daughters met a young girl with Cerebral Palsy. It was a unique opportunity for them to meet someone who appeared to be different but, in many ways, was just like them. They liked playing the same games, although the rules had to be adjusted. They laughed at the same kinds of things. And the friendship they developed at the Center continues to this day. While I was trying to complete my education at CSUN, the Children's Center provided my daughters with an education that has served them well throughout their lives.

-Dr. Phil Gussin
  Department of Political Science
  College of the Canyons.

My little brother attended the Children’s Center during the summer program as a toddler. The program was very beneficial since it allowed my mom to work and my brother to gain social skills. When he started, he was a biter because he had a hard time communicating his frustration and anger with others. Within a few weeks, he began using his words with his friends instead of biting. This was a big part to the teachers that worked with him every day.

He remembers making friends and playing in the playground. He loved the sandbox and the little tunnel.

-Jenn Orellana
  Accounts Payable Technician
  Student Union

I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen the AS CSUN Children’s Center from two perspectives as an employee and as a parent. Many of the staff that were there while I was in college are still there. It speaks volumes about the center and how invested they are in seeing it and children thrive. Both my daughters attended, one for several years, the other for a season. There is an 8 year age gap between them, and while things had changed as far as technology and some facility changes, the most important stuff was and is still there. An ability to allow children to experience what childhood ought to be. Freedom to play and create, make mistakes and learn from them. Teachers and staff who are caring and thoughtful. They get to know your child, what they love, what they don’t like, and they always share moments of your child’s day whether it’s with photos, notes, or taking a moment to tell you. I will always be grateful for the foundation the AS CSUN Children’s Center gave me and my children. I was able to focus on my academics and later work knowing that my child was safe, seen, and loved. This center is a true gem and our time there gave us many memories (and some adorable and phenomenal art) that we cherish dearly.

I think Lola came in Fall 2014 and Jalayla 2006. My oldest daughter is still best friends with four of her friends from the center. And the younger siblings have become friends also. We have become more than just friends. We see each other as family. I’m so thankful that the Children’s Center brought us together.

-Krishann Briscoe

How was your experience when you had your child at the CSUN children's center? Wonderful. Our daughter really flourished at The Children’s Center! The teachers, classrooms, and curriculum is the best ever.
  Our daughter’s nutrition was top notch at the children’s center because all the meals are prepared in a kitchen there-from fresh fruit and vegetables to warm meals. All meals were balanced-so we really felt the Children’s Center was a partner with us in modeling and maintaining a healthy balanced nutrition approach.

How did the CSUN Children's Center support you?
  We had a meeting with our daughter’s teacher each semester and it was helpful to know what our daughter was thriving at and what areas of growth she had.

Do you recommend the CSUN Children's Center to other parents?

Does your child have any contact with other children they met at the CSUN Children's Center?
  Yes, we are still in touch with friends and families from the Children’s Center

Does your child have any memory of what they liked to do or play with at the CSUN Children's Center?
  Yes our daughter still sings songs she learned in Ms. Cherie’s class. There were field trips to look at geologic artifacts and Dr. Seuss events. There were cool art projects involving sand, paint, and other interesting materials. Our daughter also is confident in PE at her transitional kindergarten now because at The Children’s Center the kinesiology students taught her yoga and other exercises. And as I mentioned before some of her friends she made there are lifelong friends that we have even invited to her birthday party this weekend!

-Mirna Troncoso Sawyer, PhD, MPH
  Associate Professor
  Department of Health Sciences, Public Health Program, CSUN

Our family had an amazing experience at the CSUN Children’s Center, we couldn’t have been happier with our son’s experience. Jayden’s love for learning was not only fostered at home, but continued to be fostered at the Children’s Center. Our son had an amazing opportunity to attend the center which contributed to his educational development, but as just as important his social and emotional development. The Children’s Center helped advance his skills in all areas, and as a family we were extremely impressed with how they monitored his growth and development as he continued through the program. The CSUN Children’s Center runs a safe and inviting educational program that takes into account the whole child.

How was your experience when you had your child at the CSUN children's center? Our experience was absolutely amazing! The dedication, curriculum, love, and support from all the faculty and staff at the children’s as helped shape who our son is today! How did the CSUN Children's Center support you? The CSUN Children’s center has helped support our family by providing a safe place for our son to grow and thrive. They not only supported our son in his development but they support you as the parents as well by meeting your unique and individual needs as a family.

Do you recommend the CSUN Children's Center to other parents? We would absolutely recommend the CSUN Children’s Center to other parents! You will feel at ease when your child is at the Children’s Center. Not only are the staff well trained and have the extensive educational background to foster a heathy environment for child to learn and grow, they are all also very loving and dedicated individuals.

Does your child have any contact with other children they met at the CSUN Children's Center?
  Yes, while at the Children’s Center our son made many connections with his classmates and still communicates with them today.

Does your child have any memory of what they liked to do or play with at the CSUN Children's Center?
  Our son has many memories of attending the Children’s Center. To this day he talks about the food he ate. The center provided heathy meals for the children and allowed the children to participate in many of the food preparations and learning about all the different types of heathy food groups. He also talks about the Children’s Center vegetable garden, Circle Time, Learning sign language, Japanese, and he remembers all his amazing teachers! Jayden still has an absolute love for school and learning!

-The Mason Family!
  Tiana, Jon, Jayden

My daughter attended AS/CSUN Children’s Center for 2 yrs. I miss the wonderful staff & teachers that made it possible for me to complete my bachelor’s degree knowing my daughter had quality care. As a single mom & student at the time, AS/CSUN Children’s Center made it possible for me to accomplish my dream of being the first in my family to attend & graduate CSUN. My daughter is now a teenager she is athletic, loves her cats, math & loves school. AS/CSUN Children’s Center provided her with quality early education that will increase her likelihood of attending 4 yr. university

-Marina Guerrero (Sara Gonzalez mom)

I graduated from CSUN in Spring 2020, and my son's name is Jacob. I want to share that having my child at the CSUN Children's Center was one of the best things for my family and me.

The institution and staff gave me the support I needed to continue pursuing my educational goals while Jacob had the best care and education. I got financial benefits with subsidy support to cover tuition; they helped with my thesis and provided a great classroom environment that supported my child's transition to kindergarten.

I do genuinely recommend CSUN Children's Center to all those who, like me, are looking for affordable and excellent child care and want to have the peace of mind that your child is in good hands.

-Bertha Flores
  CSUN Student Graduate

Some of the "coolest" memories my child shares with me are playing "Zoobs" with his best friend, storytelling time with teachers Jody and Ana, and going on field trips.

-Melisa C. Galván, Ph.D.
  Associate Professor
  Department of Chicana/o Studies

We are very grateful for the CSUN Children’s Center distance learning sessions. When COVID hit, our daughter was abruptly displaced from her normal full-time preschool. Since we have chosen not to re-enroll her at this time, we were concerned that she may not be getting enough educational instruction at home with two full-time working parents (one of which is a CSUN professor). When we found out CSUN Children’s Center was offering free daily preschool classes we immediately jumped at the opportunity and have been very pleased with the instruction she has received. Although online instruction is challenging for a 3-year-old, we are really impressed with the job that Teachers Yvette and Flor have been able to do to get the kids excited about learning and interacting every day. The structure is great and has helped keep the idea of school in her vocabulary. We hope that our daughter can meet her teachers and the other children in her class in person when things are safer. Our daughter loves it so much that she wishes that the classes were a little longer!

-Distance Learning Parent

We are so blessed to be part of zoom preschool through CSUN. Teacher Irene and Teacher Linda have a special talent for keeping my highly distractible 4 year olds engaged during the entire session. They are prepared and organized and have the ability to make each of the children in the class feel special and welcome in the class, which is hard to do in a virtual setting. My only hope when starting this program was to give my son some sort of routine during the day. I did not expect him to be involved in fun projects and to learn as much as he has. I'm so grateful for this program!

-Elyse, mom of preschooler Dax

How was your experience when you had your child in the CSUN Children's Center Zoom sessions?
  It has been great! My twins love to attend the Zoom sessions and it has been part of their routine to see Teacher Norma & Ale every morning at 10am. They’re learning a lot from the sessions—songs, concepts such as weeks, seasons, weather, etc., words, numbers, and so on—while having a lot of fun at the same time.

How did the CSUN Children's Center support you?
  They support us by offering such a wonderful opportunity to our children!

Do you recommend the CSUN Children's Center to other parents?
  Yes, I do, and I did!

Does/will your child have any contact with other children they met at the CSUN Children's Center?
  Unfortunately, no… (We don’t live close to CSUN)

Does your child have any memory of what they liked best so far with the CSUN Children's Center Zoom groups?
  From what they’ve been saying, they loved the teachers. They also loved the songs and some of the stories shared by the teachers.

-Junliang Huang, Ph.D.
  Assistant Professor of Japanese and Chinese
  Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

How was your experience when you had your child in the CSUN Children's Center Zoom sessions?
  We're very grateful to CSUN Children's Center and Teacher Vanessa. I used to fill my only child's days with lots of classes and excursions that are no longer available or safe during this pandemic. As the weeks have gone on, she's enjoyed participating and responding to her teacher and classmates more and more. The personal interactions she has with Teacher Vanessa are particularly wonderful for her.

How did the CSUN Children's Center support you?
  Having this class every weekday has been a wonderful source of stability for her and given much needed structure to our days.

Do you recommend the CSUN Children's Center to other parents?

Does/will your child have any contact with other children they met at the CSUN Children's Center?
  My daughter knows two other children (1 was a good friend I referred to the CSUN program) from other classes from before this class began. We don't have contact with any children we didn't know before the class.

Does your child have any memory of what they liked best so far with the CSUN Children's Center Zoom groups?
  Her favorite things are show and tell, scavenger hunts, yoga, and she really enjoys the beginning moments of class when teacher Vanessa says hello to each child individually. (She loves to hide and then pop-up when called.)

-Lordan Napoli

Our daughter started attending the CSUN Children’s Center when she was 3-years old. She had a great experience from the beginning. She bonded with her teachers as well as the student teachers. When the center transitioned to Zoom groups, our daughter enjoyed interacting with her teachers and classmates again. She liked listening to the stories, learning about the weather, and doing yoga poses. I would highly recommend the CSUN Children’s Center to other parents.

  Executive Assistant
  PRA & Special Projects Coordinator

I don't even know where to begin talking about the CSUN Children's Center Zoom sessions! They have greatly supported Max's (3-years-old) learning, inquisitiveness, and socialization during this pandemic. I was hesitant that 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week on a computer would be too much for him, but he absolutely loves "school" and looks forward to it every single day. Max enjoys journaling, singing, participating, story time, music and movement, art time, and socializing. He talks about his "friends" often and asks about them all the time! I enjoy watching him light up during Zoom sessions - the staff has done a tremendous job of planning out every session, and I appreciate the weekly emails on how to further support Max at home.

I couldn't be happier with the experience Max has gotten through the CSUN Children's Center Zoom sessions. During a time when things were so uncertain, the Zoom sessions were the perfect structure he thrives on. And it's testimonial enough for me that when I ask Max what's his favorite thing about Zoom group, he happily says, "I like my friends and Yvette and Flor!" This experience has truly been perfect for our family!

Thank you Elsa, Yvette, and Flor, for this invaluable opportunity to be a part of CSUN Children's Center Zoom sessions. You were Max's first "school", and will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

-Letty Troncoso

My 3-year-old daughter looks forward seeing her teachers and friends in her Zoom class. She knows everyone’s name and enjoys story time and singing with her classmates. The educational arts and crafts activity on Tuesdays and Thursdays are also very fun for her. Ms. Cherie and Ms. Iris are very personable and energetic. 30 minutes go by really fast.

I highly recommend this CSUN program for any toddlers!

-Miki Williams

Our experience with the CSUN Children’s Center zoom sessions has made a positive impact in my daughter’s social development. Her teachers are very supportive, kind, sensitive to each child’s needs with the way they communicate and promote inclusion, and their overall teaching methods have been effective in keeping the children engaged in the activities. I would definitely recommend this program to other parents. In fact, I have already recommended it to three families and they too have shared with me their positive feedback. At this point in time, we have not connected with the other children we met during the zoom sessions, but my daughter has come to appreciate the other children, enjoys interacting with them during the zoom sessions, and calls them her friends. My daughter really likes it when her teachers do the roll call where each child is asked to spell their name out loud. She also enjoys participating in the letter of the day, and is always enthusiastic about sharing her words. Thank you.

-Ana Arce

It’s been nothing but a wonderful experience to be part of CSUN’s Children’s Center Zoom sessions. My 2-year-old son always looks forward to seeing his teachers and friends during the three times a week that he participates. Having the Child Development background myself, both teachers, Teacher Yvette and Mrs. Flor does an amazing job keeping the children engaged and providing a great balance of teacher and child directed activities. I feel that our children participating in these zoom sessions are gaining the social skills they need, as well as learning routine, how to follow directions, having the opportunity to share their ideas and enhancing their creativity through their open-ended curriculum. When I ask my son what he loves most about his zoom class, he says “Story time.” I can’t wait until the center can re-open safely and my son can finally meet his friends and teachers in person. Thank you.

-Marife Adriano (son: Maven Maldonado)

My four-year-old daughter has been part of the CSUN Children's Center Zoom sessions for the past few months and it has been a major blessing for her and our family! Every day at three o'clock she looks forward to seeing her teachers and her classmates. She has learned important skills that will help her get ready for kindergarten in the areas of reading, numeracy, and literacy. She has also had the opportunity to practice her social skills by interacting with her peers in a fun way. I am grateful to Elsa and all the teachers for making this a warm and comfortable environment for the kids to look forward to while everyone is at home this year. Thank you!

-Michelle F

I had a very good experience with CSUN children’s center. Both of my sons, Tim and Bill spent almost the first 5 years of their lives here and I’m very grateful for that because it is the best children center in the San Fernando Valley. I received supports not only from my son’s teachers, but also from other teachers and the entire staff. Everyone here is very nice and sweet. I highly recommend CSUN Children’s Center to other parents. I still keep in touch with other parents and my children still keep contacts with their friends since then. I just asked Tim and Bill how do they like the CSUN Children’s Center and they said they love it. Besides daily activities, they also loved going to field trips with their teachers. Even though they are no longer there, but they miss the center and their teachers a lot.

-Chi Dang

In 2016, my small family was transitioning from a two-income household to a single income household so that I might finish my Bachelors in Health Care Administration at California State University Northridge (CSUN). Having two small children under age five, a full time class schedule and helping my families business part time, I was afraid my children’s comprehensive and social development would suffer if I didn’t enroll them in a stimulating school.

I was recommended the Associated Children’s Center at CSUN by a professor, and I enrolled my oldest while I finished my undergrad. AS/CSUN identified speech developmental issues with my son early on. My husband and I were able to get him the help he needed based on the recommendations of his attentive teachers like, Teacher Adriana, Teacher Jodi, and Teacher Elsa. They provided us the tools and guidance to help my son vocalize his needs. He now excels in mathematics and coding and is able to articulate himself better thanks to the confidence he built at AS/CSUN.

I enrolled my youngest when an internship opportunity arose and she needed a challenging environment to help her flourish. AS/CSUN’s, “Learn through Play” helped her expand her growing imagination and taught her how to problem solve, communicate thoughtfully, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Prep play taught by Teacher Jody and Teacher Adriana were useful lessons that helped her get dressed all by herself. She’s become a creative, articulate, and analytical girl who loves her vegetables.

AS/CSUN encouraged my children to be inquisitive, perceptive, creative thinkers. The center’s staff and environment were fundamental in helping my children find inventive solutions for challenging circumstances.

Thanks teacher Adriana and Gina for reaching out.


I decided to go back to school to finish my degree when my daughter was 13 months old. One of the biggest obstacles in my way was reliable childcare. I was relieved to find about AS CSUN Children’s Center. I was lucky enough to secure a spot for my daughter shortly after the semester started. Going back to school was really hard for me, but knowing that my daughter had high quality care made it a little easier. Ten years later, I decided to bring my second child to the Children’s Center because of the positive experience I had. I love that the program encourages lots of playtime while still providing stability and reinforcement of good habits. All of the teachers and supporting staff were amazing and we have fond memories of our time spent at the Children’s Center.

-Mernie Mendoza

CSUN Children Center has played a big part in the upbringing of my two sons, both of whom had wonderful memories in their classes with Teacher Norma and Ale.

Our family’s experience with the Children Center has been excellent. The facility is spotlessly clean, there are so many toys and activities to help the children develop. Unlike many other daycares, there is no TV time or electronic devices in the classrooms, which makes the kids experience so much better. Above all, what set the Children Center above the other facilities are its staff and teachers who are always so caring and helpful. I can really feel the love and care given to the children and their families.

I would highly recommend the Children Center to all families with young kids. Your children will have fun and thrive!

-Sophia Do

Our son Hurlee is in 5th grade and my husband and I STILL talk about how amazing the CSUN Children’s Center was. We have since moved out of the area and our two younger children have attended other preschool but nothing compares to the quality and education that the CSUN Children Center provided. They are extremely loving, caring, communicate well with parents, and go above and beyond the best practices for childcare. I am a Special Education teacher, and as a parent and educator I cannot say enough positive things about this school. Every teacher was fantastic, but we want to give a personal thank you to Miss Cherie. We cherished the time our son spent in your class.

We honestly could not be more grateful for the support from the Children’s Center when we were in college. My husband is a software engineer and I am a teacher, and we absolutely could not have done it without the high quality childcare CSUN provided.

-Cara Jones

My experience at the Children's Center as a parent attending CSUN was great!! I knew my son was in a safe environment where teachers care about the children. My son made some friends, even one of them attended the same K-8th school!! Also, I was working as a student assistant at the Children's Center; therefore I knew the teachers very well. My son Nathan is a very active kid, super very good at sports, so he had the opportunity to develop his skills at the Center in the yard. Teachers at the Center know that children need outdoor time and that was the best time of the day for my Nathan, especially during the Summer he spent there. When I was attending classes at CSUN, I knew I could count on the teachers for support and to take care of my son. One of the best memories my son has is when Teacher Leslie would let him borrow a little toy house and the toy people; my Nathan really liked a toy lady that was in a wheelchair. Teacher Leslie would always tell him that he could borrow the toys as long as he would return them. I am super very appreciative for the center, not only the teachers, but also the administrative staff that were a great support when I needed it. I appreciate you contacting me and wanting to learn about my experience and my Nathan's at the Center.

-Lorena Gutierrez

My daughter went to AS CSUN Children’s Center for two years. She was there in 2006 from 6 months all the way to 2.5 years of age. The Center did an excellent job with her emotional well being and overall experience. Her teachers did an excellent job communicating with us in relation with their weekly programs, their developmental goals, and how they create a great safe environment. One of the best aspects of the program was that they did a lot of hands on activities while following developmental guidelines. They would engage in a lot of art, various group activities, reading, and play. It was a great fit for my daughter and I never had an issue taking her to the Center.

-Fernando Bautista

As a student in CSUN, unlike ever I needed support for childcare, meanwhile all I cared about was to find a school for my son that not only could offer me financial support but professionalism and safety. In other words, a place that can be caring, warm and at the same time having set rules and regulations. My admiration for the school starts with the front desk; I can not thank Gina and Mayra enough for all the help and support they have provided me during the application process, as well as all other times. My son Jason was two years old when he started to attend Children’s Center. Let me mention this was his first school experience, which Ms. Cherie, Ms. Iris, teacher Lesslie, Vanessa and many others made it as bright as possible. The teachers and staff have always been caring and ready to promote my child’s educational and emotional growth. Not only the teachers but student assistants have been extremely caring and nice with children; they have become my child’s first educators. Together with other children they have created my son’s best memories yet. While, unfortunately due to the current pandemic, my son refers to school as his old school, however, he mentions his friends’ names, he mentions the amazing playground, the lunch time, the fun time and all the learning times. I can’t stress enough how safe, caring, and professional this place has been. Of course, as a parent who cares about the importance of learning and safety of a child, I have and will recommend this school to all the parents, whose childrens’ first school experience is their priority. Thank you Children’s Center on behalf of Jason and Me.

-Armine Isakhanyan

The AS/CSUN Children’s Center was and IS FAMILY, and was a true blessing to us while we were enrolled. The amazing, unique care that each teacher gave our children truly set a solid foundation to the remarkable individuals they are growing up to be. We had two children enrolled at the Center and was lucky enough to have been there for 8 years beginning from 3mos until both of them “graduated” to kindergarten two years apart from each other. Each transition though the classrooms were seamless and each teacher provided exceptional development skills that were appropriate for their age and maturity. We truly miss the Center and the staff!!

-Danisha Lawrence

Denver, had a wonderful time learning how to deal with social situations and all the art activities. She often talked about teacher Rita and she miss the corn bread Leslie would make with the class. Although I was completing my BA at the time, I was not a student at CSUN.

-Lynda McIntosh

My daughter loved joining in on the zoom classes each day! Teacher Irene and Linda were nothing short of amazing! In a few short months my daughter learned how to spell her name and was learning letter sounds and finding words to match those sounds. They were always so kind and so engaging with the children even through an online format, I can't express that enough! I felt their love for each of these kids so much. Each day, although fairly short, was filled with so much for the kids to enjoy! We loved having this opportunity to be a part of this program and seriously loved these teachers and their time so much!!!

I truly mean these words! Your teachers were amazing and I often thought to myself I wish that we could be in person with them! They are truly remarkable!

Thank you for allowing me to express my feelings. I hope that they both know how we feel and would love for them to know Ellie misses them!

-Andrea Smith