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Distance Learning

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Distance Learning Opportunity

Beginning Thursday, March 19, 2020, the Children’s Center’s Early Education and Care on-campus services were suspended until further notice. We are now offering a Distance Learning on-line daily zoom program FREE of charge.

Our Children’s Center is offering distance learning activities:

  • Zoom group meetings 5 days a week for 30 minutes each day

  • Group meetings take place in the morning and the afternoon

  • Groups are composed of up to 12 children that meet together with the same teachers; forming a class on a virtual platform!

  • FREE program for all

  • Open to CSUN students, faculty & staff, and community members with children 1.10 to 4 years old

  • Led by experienced teaching staff from the A.S. Children’s Center

  • Utilize the Creative Curriculum created by Teaching Strategies

  • Teacher’s engage children by alternating Developmentally Appropriate active and passive activities

Parents will be provided with weekly Home Study- Guided Learning Plans to support collaborative learning through fun activities families can do with materials they most likely have at home.

Tips to help your child succeed in Zoom sessions:

  • Parent support during zoom sessions

  • Prompt arrival to sessions

  • Complete any eating prior to session so your child can be safe, speak, and socialize

  • Provide a set & safe space for your child to participate where they can sit, use a table surface, and have room to get up and move.

  • Please dress for “school”

  • Provide basic school supplies that you already have at home in a set & accessible space for your child to use during sessions

Daily activities will follow a routine that includes:

Personal Greetings & Warm-ups

Songs, Stories & Movement activities

Singing songs with motions, props, instruments; Storytelling with books, flannel boards, video recorded books; Movement through yoga, dance, and exercise games.

Hands-on Learning Activities and discussions focusing on:


Exploration and experimentation with materials found at home and in nature.


Open-ended activities for creative expression with age-appropriate art materials and tools.


Number identification, counting, shapes, sizes, comparison and patterning activities.

Language & Literacy

Use of multiple languages (including Sign Language) to name letters and words, alphabet games for identification and use of letters in words.

The interactive activities will actively engage the children to learn and socialize with their peers while having fun

Our teachers have all created great teaching spaces in their homes to bring you this wonderful program of fun, FREE of charge, zoom sessions!

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