Highlights and Testimonials

Counselor Testimonial

Hi! My name is Emily Mintz-Kreyns and I’ve been with Camp for 5 years now! Camper all the way through the program! I came into CSUN excited to learn & grow within myself, but without the resources to do so. Camp Matador has such a wonderful ways of bringing out the best in anyone & everyone. Through bonding activities, team building, wonderful personalities, & preaching inclusivity & self love, Camp Matador is the ultimate enriching experience.

Not only did Camp help me graduate, it also helped me make tons of friends & family, gave me the courage to join extracurriculars on campus & helped learn to love myself.

Putting yourself into those new & scary situations is tough, but all you can do is learn & grown from them! #Challengebychoice!

Camp truly works wonders & I can say, from experience, changed my life for the better. All you gotta do is take that first step. You got this!

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Camp Matador 2016's Red Team

Getting to be a part of the Camp Matador Family is my favorite memory of all

Freshmen 2016
Camp Matador 2016's Red Team

My favorite experience at camp was meeting all these new people and feeling like I have friends to help me through college

Freshmen 2013

When my Purple Team was no longer a team, but a Family. <3

Counselor 2014

Meeting the most awesome group of people! I hated heights, but now I guess they’re ok. #limeordie

Freshmen 2014

What made Camp Matador great was my team! The entire yellow group became best friends! J BRICK SQUAD

Freshmen 2013

Meeting the new generation of students representing CSUN because every single soul has the potential to thrive and succeed

Counselor 2016

Meeting new friends not as teams but as Matadors <3

Freshmen 2016

My favorite memory was doing the web activity because it made me realize anything is possible

Freshmen 2016