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Camp Matador

Mission statement

Camp Matador strives to welcome all incoming Matadors by sharing the traditions, values, and academic achievement of California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and creating a universally accepting support system that allows them to build friendships, develop identities, and embody the Matador spirit.

Vision statement

A Matador Family that fosters personal growth by creating safe spaces to challenge yourself and promote academic preparedness as campers embark on their CSUN Journey.

Camp Matador values

Academic Preparedness, Diversity, Pride, Inclusion, Unity, Development, Kindness, and Fun.

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Why come to Camp Matador?

Camp Matador is run by CSUN students who want first year students to have a welcoming experience during their first year.

Every counselor and facilitator has valuable personal experience, so they can offer advice about classes, clubs and organizations, and anything else you need as you begin your journey as a Matador!

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What happens at Camp Matador?

During camp the campers are put in small groups and participate in a variety of activities to learn about themselves, create communities, and have fun.

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How do I sign up?

Step 2 - Sign into the CSUN SRC portal using your CSUN credentials

Step 3- Select the Outdoor Adventures option

Step 4- Select Camp Matador

Step 5- Select one Camp Matador Offering that you’d prefer to attend.

Step 6 - Sign up by filling out all necessary registration information

(Please check your spam for a confirmation link if you don't receive one. This will complete your SRC registration to sign up for)

If you need assistance please contact us at

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How long is camp?

Camp Matador will be offered Virtually in 2021. Two separate camps will be offered as two-day virtual camp experiences.

  • Camp Matador #1 - Saturday, 8/14 - Sunday, 8/15

  • Camp Matador #2 - Saturday, 8/21 - Sunday, 8/22