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Associated Students History

Associated Students has come a long way since the first president announced open council seats in 1957. Check out some of our important milestones below.

1957: The first AS president, Ben Rude, announces the first open AS council seats.

1957: AS publishes the first issue of the school newspaper, the SFV Campus State Standard. It was later named the State Sundial.

1958: AS constitution is ratified.

1961: AS is incorporated.

1961: AS creates the intramural sports program.

1973: The Children’s Center opens its doors to student parents.

1978: Student Productions and Campus Entertainment (S.P.A.C.E.) is created.

1990: AS Campus Recycling is established.

1991: Students pass referendum to support construction of a new building for the Children’s Center.

1995: Students pass referendum for the intercollegiate athletics program.

1995: Accounting offers Metrolink transit passes to students at a discounted price.

1995: Fitness Centre opens in partnership with the University Student Union (USU).

1996: Referendum approved to support academic research in the form of the Academically Related Reserve Account.

2000: AS installs information screens on campus to provide advertisement for clubs, organizations and departments on campus.

2001: AS creates the Intercollegiate Task Force.

2001: S.P.A.C.E hosts the first Big Show featuring Ozomatli and Teleclub.

2001: A new Children’s Center building is completed.

2002: The AS fee increases, which stabilizes funding for AS programs and services and dramatically increases student organization funds.

2005: The first AS Fair welcomes students back to a new school year.

2006: AS passes a resolution to denounce violence against women and children.

2007: AS begins first online election.

2007: Students pass referendum for a new recreation center.

2007: Outdoor Adventures is added to AS Recreational Sports.

2007: To increase school spirit, AS funds the CSUN banners placed outside the Oviatt Library.

2008: AS passes a resolution in support of the California Dream Act.

2009:  The 1995 athletics referendum funding for intercollegiate athletics is redirected through alternative consultation toward instructionally related activities IRA), academically related reserves account (ARRA), and projects related to campus spirit and sustainability.

2012: The Student Recreation Center (SRC)  opens and AS Recreation Sports expands Sport Clubs and Outdoor Adventures, while ceding intramurals and fitness programs to the SRC.

2012:  S.P.A.C.E becomes AS Productions.