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CSUN remains open but only limited face-to-face student services will continue to be available to increase social distancing for students and employees and significantly lower the number of people physically on campus. We are doing our part to "flatten the curve" of COVID-19.

Our AS Administrative departments are still working hard to serve your needs.

Please contact us by:

Welcome to the AS Administration and Business page. This page has been created for the Staff and Student Staff of Associated Students.


Human Resources Forms and Documents

Work Related Injuries & Illnesses Resources

Tuition Reimbursement

Financial Forms

I.T. Requests

Conference Room Reservations

Please reserve AS conference rooms using Team Up.

Marketing Requests

The A.S. Marketing Department is responsible for promoting the mission, vision, reputation and brand of Associated Students through media relations, publications, video production and Web communications. Please visit our site for all request types.

Student Handbook

Employment Notices

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are making the Employee Notices available to you via this web page. There are multiple photos of the postings that appear in the break room in the AS Admin Suite. Note for the combined poster, there is one photo of the entire poster and close ups of each of the sections of the poster. If you have any questions about the posters, please reach out to the HR Team.

2021 LA County Minimum Wage Notice

2021 LA City Fair Chance Initiative Poster

2021 Employment Notices _Full Poster

2021 LA City Minimum Wage & Paid Sick Leave Notice

2021 Employment Notices Detail 1

2021 Employment Notices Detail 2

2021 Employment Notices Detail 3

2021 Employment Notices Detail 4

2021 Employment Notices Detail 5

2021 Employment Notices Detail 6

2021 Employment Notices Detail 7

2021 Employment Notices Detail 8

2021 Employment Notices Detail 9

2021 Employment Notices Detail 10

Annual Notices 2021

2021 CalPERS Summary of Benefits and Coverage Notice

New Hiring Process

New Steps for Hiring Process

Step 1

Candidate applies to posted position


Step 2

Hiring Supervisor interviews candidates and request class schedule


Step 3

Hiring Supervisor selects qualified applicant for possible hire and to continue on with background process


Step 4

Hiring Supervisor calls references (completes Reference Check Questionnaire)


Step 5

Supervisor sends Background Check Request Form, Reference Check Questionnaire and candidate’s submitted application to HR


Step 6

Applicant receives link from A-Check Global to complete background check


Step 7

HR informs Hiring Supervisor once Background check report is complete


Step 8

HR will contact Hiring Supervisor to inform candidate of their hiring status


Step 9


Hiring Supervisor completes Notice of Hire Form


Step 10

Hiring Supervisor sends new hire, with eligible identification (refer to page 2 of Notice of Hire Form) and Notice of Hire Form, to UHR to sign in


Step 11

HR receives new hire packet and inputs into GNSA System.


Step 12

HR will send email to Hiring Supervisor informing them the employee is cleared to start working.

Hiring Documents and Information