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Accounting and Financial Services

Associated Students (AS) Accounting and Financial Services provides many amenities to all CSUN students, especially when it comes to clubs and organizations. AS Accounting and Financial Services works with CSUN-recognized clubs and organizations by handling agency (club) accounts and AS-budgeted accounts when an allocation has been approved by the senate.

Reminder to Clubs and Organizations: Turn in expenditure requests before the year end deadline

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The AS agency account provides access to nearly all campus services, including parking, security, QuickCopies, Plaza del Sol and University Student Union (USU) room rentals. A representative from AS Accounting and Financial Services is always in attendance at the Finance Committee meetings on Mondays and is there to answer any questions.

After your group has been allocated funding, the Accounting and Financial Services staff will assist you in processing expenditures. Club monies, such as dues, membership fees or fundraising proceeds, may be deposited in the club’s agency fund for safekeeping.

Individual counseling services and workshops are available for student groups interested in learning how to use and manage accounts. For more about AS Accounting and Financial Services, call (818) 677-2389, or visit the office located in University Student Union.