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Wait List a Class

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Wait List for Closed Classes

This is a tutorial only. No login is required.


The wait list feature in SOLAR self-service allows students to secure a position on a waiting list for closed classes in the fall and spring semesters. Wait listing begins with Nonrestrictive Registration and starting Fall 2013, continues through the first week of instruction. Students who are wait listed for a class section will automatically be enrolled when a seat becomes available and all requirements are met.

As a regular CSUN student, you can wait list when:

You cannot wait list for corequisite classes (i.e., two classes that must be taken concurrently such as a corequisite lecture and lab).

You are moved from the wait list to enrolled status when:

Tips for Wait Listing:

  1. Plan alternative schedules early on. Use My Academic Planner and the Degree Planning Guides to select priority classes. Discuss options with your academic advisor.
  2. Drop yourself from the wait list of a class you no longer want. If you don't drop and you are auto-enrolled, you'll incur possible tuition fee charges. If you're auto-enrolled and forget to drop, you'll get a "WU" grade, which counts as an "F" in GPA calculation.
  3. If you are auto-enrolled from a wait list into a class, check your account balance and payment due date(s). Pay on time to avoid disenrollment from some or all of your classes.
  4. Choose wisely. You may need to decide whether to keep a class you're enrolled in, or to drop it and wait list for another class in the hope that a seat becomes available. You won't be auto-enrolled into a wait listed class if it duplicates a course in which you are already enrolled. Similarly, you cannot be auto-enrolled into a wait listed class if it creates a time conflict with any of your enrolled classes. Be sure to enroll in enough units to maintain your full- or part-time student status if needed.

Important: Reducing the number of enrolled units may affect your eligibility for financial aid, campus housing, international student status, etc. See Information Regarding Change in Program or Schedule.

Learn more at Wait List FAQs.

Step 1

Log into myNorthridge at www.csun.edu with your
CSUN User ID and Password.

CSUN Home Page and Portal Login.

Step 2

Your myNorthridge Home page displays.

  1. In My Checklist, review the Registration and Incomplete Tasks sections to locate your enrollment appointment, the allowable maximum unit load, and any registration holds.
  2. Click Enroll in a Class.
myNorthridge Portal Home Page.

Step 3

The Payment Notice displays.

  1. Read the page.
  2. To continue and accept the Statement of Financial Responsibility, click "I have read and understand the above statement."

To return, click Back To Portal in the upper right corner (not shown).

Statement of financial responsibility.

Step 4

If the Select Term page displays, select the desired Term from the list and click Continue.

Select a term.

Step 5

The Select Classes to Add page displays, including your enrollment shopping cart and class schedule.

Note the legend of class status icons: Open, Closed or Wait List. The wait list triangle always displays even when wait listing in not available.

  1. Type the five-digit Class Number and click Enter.
  2. Use Find Classes to look up classes. Click Search.

Let's use Class Search as an example.

Search for classes.

Step 6

In Class Search, open, closed and canceled classes display by default.

Let’s say you want Japanese 101 class section 13280, but the Enrollment Status is “closed.” To wait list:

  1. Select the class section by clicking the green plus (+) sign.
  2. If "department" or "instructor" displays in the Consent column and the section is full, you’ll need permission to wait list for the class. 

Though the class is “closed,” you may sometimes see seats available because the process to move eligible students from wait listed to enrolled in the class has not run yet. The process runs throughout the day. If you've been enrolled, you'll receive an email a few minutes after the process has run.  

View list of class sections.

Step 7

The Select Classes to Add – Enrollment Preferences page displays. 

Are you eligible to enroll in the course? Find out by reviewing requisites and Class Notes on this page.

  1. Check the box “Wait list if class is full.”* (If the check box does not display, the wait list is full.)
  2. If consent is required, enter a permission number to wait list for the class.
  3. Click the Next button.


*Be sure to CHECK the "Wait list if class is full" BOX.

Otherwise, the class will stay in your shopping cart, and you will not be added to the wait list.

Review enrollment preference and class requirements.

Step 8

The class has been added to your shopping cart.

You are NOT yet wait listed! The wait list icon (orange triangle) in your cart only means that the wait listing period is active and that you've requested to wait list.

Did you forget to check the "Wait list if class is full" box? Click the class link in the shopping cart to return to the Enrollment Preferences page (see Step 7 above).

  1. Click Proceed to Step 2 of 3.

KEEP GOING!  You are not wait listed until you complete the process and verify success.

Class has been added to your shopping cart.

Step 9

The Confirm Classes page displays.

  1. Proofread your course selection.
  2. Note the wait list icon (just means wait list is available).
  3. Click Finish Enrolling to view results.
Last review to confirm your class before finishing the transaction.

Step 10

Verify that you've been added to the wait list on the View Results page. Success is shown with:

  • A green checkmark in the Status column
  • Your wait list position number

* You are NOT on the wait list if:

  • you see a red "X" in the Status column
  • your wait list position number does not display
  • An error message displays (e.g., course requisites not met)

Didn't CHECK the "Wait list if class is full" BOX? Click Add Another Class to re-select the class link in the shopping cart and navigate to the Enrollment Preferences page (see Step 7 above).

View results of the transaction.

Step 11

Back on the Select Classes to Add page, JAPN 101 listed in your class schedule with the status Wait Listed.

If the class is still in your SHOPPING CART, you are NOT wait listed!

  1. For another view of your enrolled and wait listed classes, click the My Class Schedule tab.
Back to the Add Classes page.

Step 12

My Class Schedule displays your enrolled and wait listed classes. When a seat opens up in the class, your position number will improve.

You will receive an email notice when:

  1. Your status changes from wait listed to enrolled. Check your account balance in case you owe additional tuition fees. Avoid disenrollment from some or all of your classes by paying before the due dates in the fee payment schedule.
  2. The registration system finds an error with your wait list request, and you are not enrolled. Error notices are emailed at the end of each day.

Learn more:

View My Class Schedule page showing your wait list position number.