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My Next Steps Checklist

The following page is a two column layout with a header that contains a quicklinks jump menu and the search CSUN function. Page sections are identified with headers. The footer contains update, contact and emergency information.

My (Admissions) Checklist

This is a tutorial only. No login is required.


You’ve applied to Cal State Northridge....You’ve activated your CSUN User ID and Password.... What’s next? 

Review My Checklist!

My Checklist is your personal list of requirements to complete the application process. The list tells you what’s missing—your Incomplete Tasks. It also confirms the items CSUN has received and evaluated—your Completed Tasks.

My Checklist stays with you throughout your student career at Northridge. If you’re admitted and eligible to enroll in classes, you’ll also see your enrollment appointment, registration holds, total outstanding charges due, and financial aid to-do lists (if applicable). My Checklist changes over time with your situation, so review it regularly.

Step 1

Log into myNorthridge at www.csun.edu with your
CSUN User ID and Password.

Learn about:

Screen shot of the CSUN Home Page and Portal Login area.

Step 2

Your myNorthridge page displays. The My Checklist box displays in the center column.

Scroll or tab to move through the entire checklist sections.

My Checklist displays on the Applicant and Home tabs of myNorthridge. Your applicant tab eventually goes away.

Step 3

My Checklist may have as many as six sections depending on your situation:

  • ***Attention***
    (outstanding charges due if any)
  • Status
  • Registration*
  • Incomplete Tasks
  • Completed Tasks
  • Resources

You can click the heading links to close or open the sections. The default position is "open."

*The Registration section displays only for students who are admitted and eligible to enroll in classes.

Step 4

The Status section displays your:

  • Academic career and level
  • Semester applied for
  • Residency status
  • Academic plan (major)
  • Application status*
  • Intent to Register status (required of first-time freshmen and first-time transfer students admitted to fall and spring semesters)

Learn about:

*Admission is provisional pending verification of the academic information self reported on your CSU Mentor application.

Image of My Checklist Status section for applicants.

Step 5

The Incomplete Tasks section of My Checklist displays the items required to complete your application process. Be sure to resolve these issues.


  • Transcripts
  • For Fall 2014, freshmen must take the EPT/ELM tests (or be exempt) no later than the May 3, 2014 test date. To register for a test, visit the CSUN Testing Center

For questions about your admissions checklist, contact Admissions and Records at (818) 677-3700, Option 2, or by e-mail at admissions.records@csun.edu



  1. The Incomplete Tasks section displays only when one or more items require your attention.
  2. Deadlines display in red.
Image of My Checklist Incomplete Tasks for applicants.

Step 6

The Completed Tasks section of My Checklist confirms the items that CSUN has received and evaluated.

Note: The Completed Tasks section displays only when one or more admission or immunization items have been completed.

Image of Completed Tasks section.

Step 7

The Resources section links to:

Links to the three Student Services Centers also display:

  • Office of Admissions and Records
  • University Cash Services
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Department

The Resources list will change with your situation.

Step 8

When you have been admitted and are eligible to enroll in classes, My Checklist will display your Status as both applicant and student.

Note: The Student Status subsection mostly duplicates the Applicant Status data, which eventually goes away.

Image of My Checklist Status section with student and applicant subsections.

Step 9

When admitted and eligible to enroll, you will also see the Registration section, including:

  • Your Enrollment Appointment – the date and time you can begin registering in classes online
  • Maximum unit load reminder
  • Links to enroll for any terms currently open to enrollment
  • Reminder to check for registration holds in the Incomplete Tasks section

Note: Although you can access "Enroll/Register for Classes" in different ways, your incomplete tasks for admissions display only in My Checklist.

Image of My Checklist Status section with student and applicant subsections.

Step 10

When you are eligible to enroll, the Incomplete Tasks section will display any Registration Holds.

Important! Resolve all registration holds before enrolling.

For questions about Registration holds, contact the office indicated in the hold message box that displays when you roll over the hold message.


Image of Incomplete Tasks for registration and admission.