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My Plan to Graduate (MPG) Advisors Guide

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My Plan to Graduate (mpg) Advisors guide

This is a tutorial only. No log in is required.


My Plan to Graduate (MPG) is an interactive planning tool that provides a path to meeting a student's graduation goals. MPG consists of "Roadmaps" of courses that fulfill requirements for degree programs at CSUN. Students can view these Roadmaps and select the courses they want to take to develop a detailed term-by-term, multi-year, academic "Student Plan" for one or more degree programs.


A "Roadmap" is a term-by-term outline of courses that should be taken to complete a specific major. A Roadmap is based on a Degree Progress Report (DPR), which is student specific showing the completion of requirements. A Roadmap offers a specific outline of courses from which to choose when setting up a plan. Roadmaps have been written for most degree programs.

Student Plans

A "Student Plan" is an academic path to graduation. By using the Roadmap as a guide, you can drag and drop specific courses to create a plan to degree completion.

As a student progresses through their college career, their unique plan will display current and future terms; it is intended to plan for the future.
Plans can be built on a students declared major or “what if” plans for majors in their catalog year.

MPG is intended for use as a planning tool and is considered unofficial.  At this time it does not reflect course substitutions or report all university requirements (i.e., units and GPA).  Please refer to the DPR (Degree Progress Report) for this information. If there is a discrepancy between MPG and DPR, follow the DPR for the more accurate information.

Step 1

Log into myNorthridge at www.csun.edu with your
CSUN User ID and Password.

CSUN portal login.

Step 2

Your myNorthridge Home page displays.

  1. Click the Staff tab.
  2. Click SOLAR SA.
  3. Click Student Advisement.
  4. Select My Plan to Graduate.
myNorthridge Home page.

Step 3

Search for and select a student:

  1. Under My Students, enter the student's Last Name (minimum first 3 letters) or the Student ID number.
  2. Under My Advisees, select the student from the search results.
  3. With the student highlighted, click View Selected Student's Plan.
Search for student.

Step 4

Choose one or more existing plans:

  1. In the Name column, click an existing plan to open the plan.
  2. Skip to Step 9.


Create a new Plan:

  1. Click Create a New Plan.
  2. Continue to Step 6.
Select the student's plan or create a new plan.

Step 5

Choose a Degree Program:

  1. Select a college.
  2. Select a major.
  3. Click a major to view the Roadmap and audit.
Choose a degree program.

Step 6

Name the Plan:

  1. Enter a Plan Name.
  2. Select a Term.
  3. Enter a Year.
  4. Click the Add Plan button to create and store your plan.

The Years to Graduation box will default to 4 years. Use the drop down menu to adjust the number of years to degree completion.

Enter a plan name..

Step 7

Open a Plan:

  • To open a plan, click the Name (in this example, the plan name is Political Science / Law & Society).


  • Select an Action (copy, delete, or rename an existing plan) from the drop down menu.

To create additional plans repeat steps 3-6 above.

Manage a plan.

Step 8

A Roadmap audit displays on the left and a customized plan on the right.

Courses can be added from the roadmap to the plan in three ways:

  1. Drag and Drop - Find a course in the Roadmap. With your cursor, drag the desired course and drop it into a term in your plan. Adding courses using the drag and drop will automatically populate the units and title.
  2. Manually add a course not found in the Roadmap - Right click on a term in your plan to select an action from the dialogue box: add course, add term, remove all courses, delete or request approval.
  3. Move Buttons - Select the Move Preferred button to move  courses to your plan from a Roadmap for which there are no options (i.e., if only one course is listed to satisfy a requirement, that course will be moved from the Roadmap to the Plan). Selecting the "Move All" button will bring all courses from the Roadmap to the Plan. This is only available for a few majors that have the audit specifically written with no course options.
  4. Delete a course from your plan - Right click the desired course and select Delete.

To read Course Descriptions, right click the course in the Plan or Roadmap.

Customize audit using roadmap.

Step 9 - Optional

Favorite Plan — Students can select a Favorite Plan.

Comments — Click the Add New Comment button to add comments to the plan.


  1. Comments can be private or shared with the student.
  2. Each time the plan is opened the shared comments will be seen.
  3. Student can add comments to their advisor and/or private notes to their plan.

To view the plan in PDF, click the PDF icon. The PDF can be printed or cut and pasted to the Advisor track notes. Sample picture provided in this step.

Select a favorite plan.Sample plan format in PDF.

Step 10

Description of Actions:

Run Audit icon—brings up a new screen showing the student's DPR audit allowing you to verify degree progress.

Validate icon—reruns the audit against the Roadmap to verify completion of requirements.

Change Roadmap icon—allows you to select another Roadmap to see the placement of planned and completed courses.

View Comment icon—allows you to add comments that can be private or shared.

Picture of action icons.