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My Academic Planner (MAP)

The following page is a two column layout with a header that contains a quicklinks jump menu and the search CSUN function. Page sections are identified with headers. The footer contains update, contact and emergency information.

My Academic Planner (MAP)

This is a tutorial only. No log in is required.


My Academic Planner (MAP) lets undergraduates plan the courses needed for degree completion and chart them in future terms. MAP works side-by-side with the interactive Degree Progress Report (DPR).

To print your DPR audit, use DPR in PDF format. Read more in the DPR guide.

Always use DPR or MAP in consultation with your advisor before finalizing any decisions related to your academic plan (major).

Step 1

Go to the CSUN home page at www.csun.edu and:

  • Select the myNorthridge Portal link
  • Log in with your CSUN User ID and Password.

Step 2

Your myNorthridge page displays.

  • Select the Academics tab
  • Find the Academics Quick Links box
  • Click the Degree Planning Tools icon
  • The Degree Planning Tools light box displays
  • Select the desired DPR or MAP option
Four Degree Planning Tool options display in the light box.

Step 3

The Submit Report page displays.

In the Report Type box, select My Academic Planner and click the Submit Request button.

Select the DPR or MAP radio buttons under the Report Type heading.

Step 4

A message box appears indicating that your request has been submitted successfully.

Click the OK button. Then click the View Report tab to change pages.

Message box confirms you have successfully submitted a report request

Step 5

On the View Report page, click Refresh to display the My Academic Planner link.

If the screen displays “Running,” wait. If necessary, click Refresh until a My Academic Planner link appears.

The report results page is processing your request and includes refresh button.

Step 6

When the My Academic Planner link displays, select it.

CAUTION! If you have previously generated a MAP report, select the most current My Academic Planner link to view the most recent data.

The My Academic Planner report link is ready to view

Step 7

Whenever a CSUN requirement is met by a course transferred from another school, MAP lists that school and course on the right.

Here, the CSU Oral Communication requirement of GE Section A, Basic Subjects, is met with COMS 105 taken at College of the Canyons (COC).

The COC course is equivalent to the required CSUN courses COMS 151 and 151L.

MAP shows community college courses that transfered to CSUN

Step 8

Sections in which at least one requirement is not met are marked with a red “X.”  To open a section, click the red X.

Sub-requirements within a section are marked with a plus sign (+) when met, and a minus sign (-) when unmet (still needed).

In this example, the student needs one course in the Title 5 US History, Constitution and American Ideals GE section. The requirement can be met with any one of the courses listed.

MAP shows unmet degree requirements.

Step 9

When a sub-requirement is not met, MAP lists the courses you can take to satisfy the requirement. Here, you can click each course link to view its catalog description and pre-requisites.

This example shows the student’s unmet requirements for the major. Six more units are needed in Sub-requirement 1, and nine more units in Sub-requirement 2.

Note: When using MAP to plan classes, always click the course links to read the catalog description for pre-requisites. The registration system will prevent you from enrolling in classes whose pre-requisites have not been met.

MAP lists courses that will satisfy an unmet requirement.

Step 10

To plan a course, click the course link, and the information/planning box will pop up.

MAP screen shot of a course link to select for your plan.

Step 11

The information/planning box displays. From the drop-down menu (marked "A" in the picture), select the term in which you want to take the course, and click the plan button (B).

Screen shot of MAP planning box with course description and term selection menu

Step 12

You will see the planned course listed in the "My Academic Plan" column.

MAP screen shot of a planned course in the MAP column

Step 13

When finished planning courses, click the Submit Your Plan button.

Note: These classes are planned only. You must still enroll in them.

MAP screen shot of the Submit Your Plan button

Step 14

Click the Check on Status button until the revised plan displays.

MAP screen shot of the Check on Status button to refresh the report

Step 15

Review your plan. All unmet requirements should now be planned. Requirements that will be met according to your plan will be indicated by a blue checkmark over a planner icon.

Graduating Students:

If any red X’s display after submitting your plan, you probably have more planning to do.


If your MAP includes courses that have a minimum grade requirement, these courses can be planned but the blue checkmark will not appear.

MAP image of planned courses, indicated by a blue check on a calender icon.

Step 16

To revise your plan, follow steps 9 through 15 above.
To remove courses in MAP, click the box to the left of the class you want to delete. The drop-down menu already displays the menu item Delete from Plan. Click the Go button to delete class(es).
To add classes in MAP, repeat steps 9 through 15 above.
To view your revised plan, click the Submit Your Plan button.
MAP screen shot showing how to revise your plan

Step 17

To prepare the document to print, click the Printer Friendly link. Then click the printer icon in the browser window.

Note: You may access your MAP whenever you wish and your planned courses will remain under My Academic Plan on the right hand side. To see how these courses change your interactive audit, you must re-submit your plan each time you access your MAP.

MAP screen shot showing links to print the plan

Step 18

If you've completed 90 units, plan your graduation now!
  1. Go to myNorthridge Portal and log in.
  2. Complete and print the My Academic Planner report.
  3. Fill out the Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma Application (.pdf) and secure your advisor’s signature on the form.
  4. Submit the completed packet to the Office of Undergraduate Degree Services, Bayramian Hall (BH) Room 150.

Note: For graduation deadlines and forms, visit Undergraduate Degree Services.

For Help

When MAP displays in the right column, you can refer to this guide by clicking the Help link.
MAP screen shot showing HELP link to the MAP tutorial

If the DPR report does not run successfully and generates an error message, submit a DPR Review Request to explain the problem. You may also submit a DPR Review Request for other specific questions.

Note: Do NOT submit a DPR Review Request if you have received a DPR Graduation Evaluation or if you have questions about major requirements. Instead, contact Undergraduate Degree Services at the phone number listed on the DPR Graduation Evaluation, or consult your academic advisor about major requirements.