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Drop a Class

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Drop a Class

This is a tutorial only. No log in is required.


The Drop Classes pages are part of the larger Enroll in a Class suite that allows students to add classes, drop, swap and change the basis of grading for a particular term within published deadlines.

You can drop classes online throughout the registration periods. For calendars and policies including late add and drop, see:

The Drop a Class pages have three main steps:

  1. Select Classes to Add
  2. Confirm Classes to Add
  3. View Results

A record of the classes dropped for the term remains in My Class Schedule views.

Step 1

Go to the CSUN home page at www.csun.edu and:

  • Select the myNorthridge Portal link
  • Log in with your CSUN User ID and Password.

Step 2

Your myNorthridge Home page displays.

  1. In My Checklist, review the Registration and Incomplete Tasks sections to locate your enrollment appointment, the allowable maximum unit load and any registration hold alerts.
  2. In the Quick Links menu, select Register for Classes.

You may also select the "Enroll in a Class" link in My Checklist.

My Checklist and Quick Links are two separate headings in myNorthridge home.

Step 3

The Fee Payment Notice and deadlines display.

To continue, read and accept the Statement of Financial Responsibility by clicking the "Acknowledgement" button.

To return, click Back To Portal in the upper right corner (not shown).

Regular CSUN students have more time to pay than Tseng College students.

Step 4

When the registration periods for two terms overlap, the Select Term page displays.

Click the desired Term from the list and click Continue.

 Select the term using the radio buttons.

Step 5

The Select Classes to Add page displays.

  1. The Class Schedule section lists the classes in which you are enrolled.
  2. The enrollment shopping cart and class search tools also display.
  3. Click the Drop tab at the top.
Five tabs allow you to navigate to my class schedule, add, drop, swap or edit.

Step 6

The Select Classes to Drop page displays, listing all the classes in which you are currently enrolled.

  1. In the "Select" column, check the box of the class(es) you want to drop, in this example ART 114.
  2. Then click the Drop Selected Classes button.
The select checkbox appears in column one of the table of your enrolled classes.

Step 7

On the Confirm Your Selection page, review the class(es) to drop.

  1. Click Finish Dropping to process your request.

To exit without dropping the class, click Cancel. The class will remain in your schedule.

 The selected class to drop is an active link.

Step 8

The View Results page displays errors or confirms success for your drop request.

If errors are found:

  1. Follow the instructions in the error message (not shown) to fix the problem.
  2. Click Make a Payment to check your account balance. Click My Class Schedule to view your updated schedule.

If successful:

  1. Read results and print any messages you want to discuss with faculty or staff.
  2. If finished, click Make a Payment or My Class Schedule.
  3. You may be eligible for a refund.

Always check your account balance and payment due dates after updating your schedule. Print a copy of your class schedule for your records.

Results page shows that the selected class has been removed from your schedule.