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Navigating to DPR and MAP

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Navigating to DPR and MAP

This is a tutorial only. No log in is required.


The Degree Progress Report (DPR) details your progress toward completion of bachelor’s degree requirements. It lists course work completed at CSUN and other schools from which you submitted official transcripts. It places course work into CSUN degree requirement sections and identifies requirements you still need to satisfy in order to graduate.

You have two options for viewing and printing your DPR:

  1. DPR in Portable Document Format (PDF)
  2. My Academic Planner (MAP) Interactive DPR

Both versions report the same information with one exception: Only MAP interactive DPR lets you plan courses for future semesters and places them into degree requirement sections.

This guide explains how to navigate to and print DPR and MAP.

Note: Always use a DPR or MAP in consultation with your advisor before finalizing any decisions related to your academic plan (major).

To learn more about DPR, MAP and related topics, see Degree Planning Tools.

Step 1

Go to the CSUN home page at www.csun.edu and:

  • Select the myNorthridge Portal link
  • Log in with your CSUN User ID and Password.

Step 2

Your myNorthridge home page displays.

  • Select the Academics tab
  • Find the Academics Quick Links box
  • Select the Degree Planning Tools icon
  • The Degree Planning Tools light box displays
  • Select the desired DPR or MAP option
Light box Degree Planning Tool options are DPR, MAP, MPG and Planning Guides.

Step 3

The Submit Report page displays.

In the Report Type box, select:

  • Degree Progress Report to run a DPR in PDF, or
  • My Academic Planner to run an interactive DPR and plan courses

Then click the Submit Request button.

Image of Submit Report page

Step 4

A message box appears indicating that your request has been submitted successfully.

Click the OK button. Then click the View Report tab to change pages.

Image confirming that report request was successful

Step 5

On the View Report page, click Refresh to display the report link.

If the screen displays Processing, wait. If necessary, click Refresh until a View Report or a My Academic Planner link appears.

Image of View Report page and Refresh button

Step 6

When your report is ready, the Status column displays Finished.

If you requested the DPR in PDF report type, click the View Report link.

Note: If you have recently requested any reports, several links may display. Select the link with the latest Run Date/Time to view your most current data

Image of DPR and MAP report links with run dates and times

Step 7

If a Security box opens, click the Yes button.

Image of security alert window

Step 8

If you clicked the View Report link, the software program Adobe Acrobat opens to display your DPR in PDF format.

The first page of a DPR in PDF is shown here.

Print the report as you would any document. Review and bring it to the meeting with your academic advisor.

Note: If you want to plan courses, see how they satisfy degree requirements, and print them, use MAP interactive DPR. To learn more, see Using MAP to Plan Courses.

Image of DPR in Portable Document Format

Step 9

If you clicked the My Academic Planner link on the View Report page, your MAP interactive DPR opens in HTML format. You may now:

  • Plan the courses to meet degree requirements in future terms
  • Click course links to view descriptions and prerequisites
  • Experiment with “what-if” scenarios

After you’ve planned courses and submitted your plan, click the Printer Friendly link. MAP interactive DPR then places your planned courses into the degree requirement sections that they satisfy.

Print and bring a copy of MAP interactive DPR to the meeting with your academic advisor each semester.

MAP interactive DPR header, bar graphs, planning tool and printer link

Additional Information

If the DPR report does not run successfully and generates an error message, submit a DPR Review Request to explain the problem. You may also submit a DPR Review Request for other specific questions.

Note: Please do NOT submit a DPR Review Request if you have received a DPR Graduation Evaluation or if you have questions about major requirements. Instead, contact Undergraduate Degree Services at the phone number listed on the DPR Graduation Evaluation, or consult your academic advisor about major requirements.

For o ther helpful tools, see Degree Planning Tools.

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