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Welcome All Students!

Our job at CSUN Alumni Relations is to connect you with CSUN graduates (also known as alumni) who are already working in the career field of your dreams. We do this in multiple ways—Dinner with MatadorsCorporate Connect and other networking events.  Making connections starting now can lead to you landing an internship, a job, or meeting your future mentor. We also know students may face financial hardship throughout their academic journey, that’s why we offer scholarships too.

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Student Link helps us stay connected to you! Registration for our programs are open for a short amount of time, be the first one to know next time it opens up. 

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Dinner With Matadors

That’s right! CSUN alumni want to host students like you for some lunch or dinner (locations vary) and talk about career tips, professional development topics, life after graduation and more. 

‘Lettuce’ tell you more about it here!


Corporate Connect

Network with Fortune 500 companies in the greater Los Angeles area and learn more about the corporate world and your professional development path. 

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The Alumni Association gives out more than $30K in awards every year! Student scholarships are made possible through the generosity of alumni donors who believe in investing in the future of students like yourself. 

Check out eligibility requirements here!

LinkedIn 101: Using LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job

Learn how to establish, maintain and leverage your LinkedIn profile so that you can build your professional network. Understand how LinkedIn content differs from your traditional resume, and gain insight on how to connect with CSUN alumni and other strategic contacts. 

Let’s get started!