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    Celebrating CSUN Homecoming 2017

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CSUN Portfolium

CSUN is proud to announce the launch of Porfolium, CSUN’s new ePortfolio network for CSUN alumni and students. Your online presence and resume will be enhanced by a strong portfolio to showcase your work, projects and activities.

Can’t find your welcome email? No problem! To get started and enroll in Portfolium, click here to log on.

You will need your CSUN portal login to sign in to Portfolium. Visit the Account Information page for help finding your user ID or resetting your password. If you have any other questions about your CSUN account, you can contact the IT Help Center.

Questions? For Portfolium questions, Frequently Asked Questions, and more…feel free to contact the friendly Portfolium support team. You can email them at and learn more here.

What are the benefits? Just to name a few…

CSUN Alumni do amazing things after graduation - Let's be recognized and get hired.

Your Portfolium gives you the ability to upload reports, recent projects, extracurricular and volunteer activities. When it’s time for your next job interview, you’ll have a robust digital portfolio to share with an employer that showcases your expertise, passion and potential. Portfolium allows you to display real work samples, including photos, videos, and presentations for the world’s top employers to see. Your CSUN ePortfolio will be showcased directly to 3,000+ companies such as Disney, Nike, Verizon, Google, Boeing, NBC and Facebook. View a full list of companies online.

Find top notch talent - Hire a fellow matador.

You may be on the search for great talent to hire, especially someone who is a CSUN alum. Portfolium uniquely provides employers with a much deeper, all-encompassing view of a student's passions, abilities and overall potential. Bullet points on a resume and grades on a transcript only share one part of a student’s story. Portfolium showcases skill-level, passion and cultural fit. It serves employers with a compelling, visual dossier of a student's previous work and projects, enhancing your ability to make a final hiring decision.

Connect with other alumni - an added bonus!

Networking is an essential step to professional development and career planning. Connect and collaborate with fellow Matadors and CSUN Alumni Association chapter members on projects and activities. Be inspired and learn from other alumni across all majors and professional industries. Share ideas, encourage one another and build a community of like-minded, hard-working professionals.