Expand Your Network

When done well, networking can help you land a job faster than the traditional resume submission process.  Networking is important because personal and professional connections can pay back in big dividends throughout the course of your career. 

The CSUN Alumni Association offers opportunities for alumni and friends to network with fellow matadors locally, regionally, nationally and globally.  The following are personal and digital networks available exclusively to alumni

  • CSUN LinkedIn Groups:  The CSUN Alumni Association offer alumni access to different alumni network groups to generate discussions, share job postings, and career trends and information.
  • CSUN Alumni Chapters: Get connected with fellow CSUN alumni and broaden your career network, build lifelong friendships and support student scholarships.  Chapters have social activities, networking events, mentoring programs, and provide leadership opportunity.
  • Informational Interviews: An information interview is an informal meeting you initiate with a professional in the career or industry you are exploring.  Typically, reaching out to alumni or mutual connections can be a great way to expand your network.  
  • Social Networks: Leverage your social media network to increase career opportunities. 
  • Networking 101 video