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Before submitting this request form, please review the Featured Fund guidelines online. Requests will be reviewed for approval in order of receipt. For questions regarding this process, contact the Office of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving at (818) 677-2786 or email and a staff member will reply promptly.

Step 1: Contact Information

Please provide the requestor’s name and contact information in the event there are follow-up questions regarding this request:

Step 3: Placement/Display

Content will be reviewed and approved by University Advancement for brand consistency and messaging. University Advancement has the right to edit, or require project content edits before featured fund is approved for display.

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Step 6: Approvals
It is your responsibility to seek appropriate approvals from your area Dean/Director prior to submitting this form. Upon submission, University Advancement will assume that the area heads below have been informed and have approved this request.
Funding priority must be approved by the area Dean/Director
Funding priority must be approved by the area fund manager