Student Resume Review

Wednesday, October 12, 2022 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

**Due to a high number of responses from reviewers and for technical management purposes, we will be splitting this event into two sessions. This event is for students only.


Before you get your resume in front of the eyes of a hiring manager, get it in front of the eyes of someone who knows what they're looking for!

Join us for our virtual Student Resume Review via Zoom where our students will connect one-on-one with CSUN alumni experts working in career services and other professional industries such as...

Our CSUN alumni professionals are ready to strengthen your resume by providing their own professional feedback, knowledge and expertise in the field you’re pursuing!

 Upon registration, choose your preferred session time and we will do our best to accommodate the time you've chosen. If your preferred session is at full capacity, we will assign you to the alternative option.

**Alumni Resume Reviewers will be updated 2 weeks prior to the event. Check back to learn about our Alumni Resume Reviewers!** This event is for current Students only.