Dinner With Matadors

The Program

The Dinner with Matadors program brings together CSUN alumni with current CSUN students in a relaxed setting outside of campus while sharing a meal. Dinner with Matadors is an opportunity for students to share their experiences at CSUN and learn more about their host’s journey as an alumnus and what happens after graduation. It also gives everyone a chance to expand their social circle by meeting new people. 

The next rounds of dinners will take place on the evenings of March 27-29, 2020.

Alumni Hosts

  Student Registration


The Impact

From 2016-2019 over 500 students were given the opportunity to connect with CSUN alumni through the Dinner with Matadors program.  Of those students many reached out to let us know they gained a personal mentor from the dinner or even an internship. While this is not the main goal of the dinner, we love to hear about Matadors helping Matadors!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (818) 677-2786 or email Shaden Gallardo at


What is the purpose?

Dinner with Matadors is an opportunity to connect alumni with current students.  Alumni are able to give the students personal and professional advice.  The dinners allows the students to create a network of alumni to utilize after graduation. 

What time does the dinner begin?

We try to have the dinners begin at 5:00 PM as it is typically when people are free.  

What is the time commitment?

Dinners usually begin at 5:00 PM (unless otherwise stated) and typically last around 2-3 hours.  

Who pays for the dinner?

The Alumni Host!  The office of Alumni Relations will coordinate the students and the logistical supplies but the cost of the dinner is the host’s responsibility.