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Conference Call Hosting Instructions for Chapters

Zoom Video and Web Conferencing 

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The Alumni Association has contracted with a conference calling service to provide this convenience for chapter meetings. There is no charge to your chapter for this service. Follow the steps below to set up and host your call.

Step 1: E-mail Alumni Relations to book your call and provide the following:

  •     Date of Call
  •     Start Time of Call
  •     Approximate Length of Call
  •     Approximate Number of people on the call
  •     Your personal four-digit HOST code (just make one up)

Step 2:  Alumni Relations will book your call via a website and send you a confirmation.

Step 3: Provide your callers with the following information:

To connect your call, dial (877) 378-9623 (It’s toll free) a few minutes prior to the scheduled start of the conference. Enter the guest code 2786 and then hit the # key. 2786 is CSUN on a touch tone phone. You will be connected to the call.

Step 4:  As the Host, you will want to dial the same number but enter your Host code instead of 2786#. This will provide you additional options while on the call.

Step 5:  Begin your call.

Hang up when completed. The Alumni Association is only charged for the actual number of people who call in and the length of time they are on the line. So, if you have two people on the call for 30 minutes each and one person on the call for 10 minutes, we will be charged for 70 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How far in advance does alumni relations need to book a call?
Answer:  We request a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Question:  If necessary, can callers hang up and call back at any time during the call?
Answer:  Yes.

Question:  How will I know if a new caller enters the conversation?
Answer:  All participants will hear a beep when a new guest joins the call.

Question:  What if more people want to participate in the call than I reserved space for?
Answer:  A Host may add participants to the call at the time of the call. Once you are signed into the conference, add a participant slot by touching #2.  Repeat as needed up to 16 additional guests.

Question:  Can I be warned when a conference call is approaching its maximum length?
Answer:  Yes, this occurs automatically. A prompt will play for the host only 5 minutes before the conference is scheduled to end.

Question:  What if the call is taking longer than I reserved time for?
Answer:  A Host may extend the length of the call at the time of the call. Once you are signed into the conference, touch #1 to add one 15-minute increment. Repeat as needed up to 4 hours.

Question:  Can I determine how much time is remaining on my schedule call?
Answer:  Yes, The host can touch 3# to have the amount of time remaining voiced to you.

Question: Can I cancel my call?
Answer:  Yes. If you know about the cancellation 24 hours in advance,please e-mail the alumni office. If there is a last minute emergency,don’t worry . If nobody calls in, we are not charged for the call.

Question: What if I call in and the automatic message informs me that there is no call scheduled at this time?
Answer:  Re-dial to confirm you entered the conference call and the codes correctly. If you still get the message, that means that we did not set up the call and you are unfortunately out of luck.