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Chapter Resources

Thank you for volunteering to help us to cultivate relationships and expand our efforts in support of the university, alumni and current students. Managing a volunteer-based alumni chapter can be a rewarding experience. We understand that free time for volunteer service is often limited and we thank you for your loyalty and support!

As volunteers, we want to provide you with the tools you'll need to be an effective leader. We know that you want the best for your chapter. You want it to be successful, to plan great events and you want your team to be dynamic and motivated. Refer to the resource links compiled below for successful chapter administration:

Resources for Current Volunteers

 Event Proposal Form


Event timeline and Logistics

Each chapter should host at least two events per academic year, which usually looks like one per semester. Type of event varies by chapter, their mission and their focus, but most fall within professional development, student or department support, and/or social events. Your chapter is encouraged to collaborate with other departments and chapters to support already scheduled events. Investigate whether there is a department/area/college event the chapter could co-sponsor, a community event alumni might want to attend as a group, or a campus activity your chapter may want to support as a group. Below you will find a timeline to follow when you want to host an event.

  1. 3 months before the event: Decide on the event you want to host.
    1. The chapter should decide on the type of event they want to host and what the purpose of the event is. Some things to think about are the venue needed for this event, whether it should be on campus or off campus, the size of the event, who the event is catered to, and if there will be a charge.
  2. 2 months before the event: Fill out and submit the Event Proposal form.
    1. The Event Proposal Form can be found by clicking the button on the top of this page. This form goes directly to the Alumni Chapters Associate, who will then work with the planning committee to develop a budget and a marketing plan that will work for this event.
    2.  It is important to note that if there are outside vendors being utilized for your event, to submit your recommendations to the Alumni Chapters Associate at the same time you submit the Event Proposal Form. The Chapters Associate will work directly with vendors to set up contracts. Chapter Presidents and boards are not to engage in and sign contracts.
  3. 1 month before event: Event webpage made and invitation sent.
    1. Once all the information has been submitted to the Chapters Associate, they will work with Marketing and Communication to develop a marketing plan for the event. Each event will look different, depending on scope. An email invitation will be sent out to participants, at which time they will be able to register for the event. Chapter volunteers should market events to their networks as well.
  4. 1 month to 1 week before event: Monitor registration and finalize details.
    1. The Alumni Chapters Associate will send regular updates on registration numbers for the event and will work with chapter leaders to develop strategies accordingly. This is also the time for all contracts to be finalized.
  5. Week of event: Final registration due.
    1. The registration link will be closed a day before the event, to allow for accurate counts. At this time, check in procedures will be finalized and chapter leaders and the Alumni Chapters Associate will go through a run-of-show.
  6. Day of event: CSUN Alumni support.
    1. Depending on scope of event, the Alumni Chapters Associate will be in attendance at your event, along with any additional support needed from the CSUN Alumni office. We will support with check in for the event and any other logistical duties the day of, as we want chapter leaders to have the opportunity to engage with their audience at the events. It is the chapter's responsibility to ensure event timing and details go according to plan.
  7. 1 week after the event: Wrap up and debrief
    1. The Alumni Chapters Associate will create a report detailing attendance that will be sent out to chapter leaders. This is also the time to debrief and take note for future events.

Speed Mentoring Resources

The idea of Speed Networking is similar to the increasingly popular, modern-day activity known as Speed Dating. The room is set-up so that an alumni mentor sits at a table with a group of three to six students. Questions are provided if students are unsure of what to ask mentors. After about 15 minutes the mentors switch tables and students begin speaking with a new alumni mentor. The goal is to have students meet with as many mentors as time permits to gain valuable insight into their future profession.

Chapter leaders should recruit alumni that vary in job positions, companies and even culture or background. Both new professionals and those who have been in the field for quite a while have unique perspectives to share. All mentors don’t have to be CSUN graduates, just anyone passionate about connecting with our students. Alumni enjoy the opportunity to share their wisdom and expertise with students without the long-term commitment of other mentoring programs. This event is a onetime – 3-hour time commitment.

If you want to host a speed mentoring event, but are having trouble finding mentors, the Alumni Chapters Associate can help you identify CSUN alumni that might be interested. This process might take a couple weeks, so it is better to ask for assistance at the beginning of the planning process and not wait to recruit mentors.

Please follow the timeline for events list above for speed mentoring events and submit the Event Proposal Form, which can be found on the top of this page.

For more information on speed mentoring events and resources, click here

Chapter Membership

When members of the Alumni Association decide to join a chapter, the chapter receives $10 per member, which is transferred into the chapter account at the end of each academic year.

Membership fees are set and collected by the Alumni Association and chapters are not allowed to collect extra membership funds. Chapters are welcomed and encouraged to solicit contributions for scholarships or raise additional funds designated directly to their chapter for special projects and purposes.  These funds will be deposited directly into the chapter account and are considered gifts to the university so the donor will receive a charitable tax receipt for their contribution.

Chapter presidents are required to have an active membership and other chapter volunteers are highly encouraged. It is important that chapter leaders understand what a membership to the Alumni Association means and the benefits of having one, as they serve as ambassadors for CSUN Alumni at events.

For more information on the different membership levels and benefits, please visit

Chapter Membership Report

The Alumni Association maintains contact information on all former students regardless of their affiliation with the Association. If somebody attended the university, most likely we have them in our database.  That being said, we also respect the privacy of our alumni and manage these lists and requests for information with care and concern for individual preferences. The Alumni Chapters Associate can provide a report on chapter membership, including any new members. This list can be provided upon request.

Communicating with Chapter Members

Chapter leaders are encouraged to reach out to individual chapter members, especially when they first join or if their membership is expiring soon. The Alumni Chapters Associate can provide a report on chapter membership, including any new members. This list can be provided upon request.

Chapter leaders also have the ability to send emails to the entire chapter by requesting an updated membership report from the Chapter's Associate and using their chapter email to email chapter constituents.

Please do not build your own database with the membership information provided as it may not be an accurate representation of active chapter members.


Chapter Finances

Each chapter has their own account, where membership dues and donation are allocated. Reports on chapter finances can be provided by the Alumni Chapters Associate upon request, but are only updated on a quarterly basis, so the report that you receive might not be fully updated to the date that it was requested.

For financial reports request or to get help understand the financial reports, please contact the Alumni Chapters Associate.

Chapter Volunteers

Chapters are managed by volunteers, so chapter leaders should always be searching for qualified and dedicated volunteers. Chapter leaders should recruit volunteers for one-time events and also for longer volunteer roles, like serving on the chapter board.

For more information on different volunteer roles and for job descriptions, please refer to the Alumni Volunteer website

Once you have found a volunteer that is dedicated and wants to join the chapter board, you can reference the Volunteer expectations sheet and have them complete a Volunteer Agreement form