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Radiological Sciences Alumni Chapter

We are proud to announce the formation of the Radiologic Science Alumni Association at California State University, Northridge.  We would like to invite you to join our association.  We are one of 25 chapters of the Alumni Association at CSUN.  We have dedicated ourselves to connecting all those interested in promoting and supporting the needs of alumni, faculty, staff, and students of Radiologic Science at CSUN.

The association provides a long-awaited opportunity for Radiologic Science/Radiologic Technology alumni from various disciplines and fields to connect.  This is a wonderful moment in history for us all to support "linkages beyond the workplace and classroom."
The goals and objectives of the Radiologic Science Alumni Association are:

  1. To create a portal for graduates and existing students to become more connected to and interactive with the university;
  2. To honor and showcase our Radiologic Science students and alumni;
  3. To strengthen and improve the chapter, its alumni, Radiologic Science faculty and students through programs like professional development and mentoring;
  4. To heighten the perception of Radiologic Science as a discipline and the accomplishments of Radiologic Science students at CSUN.

For more information about the chapter, please email:

Donate to the Chapter

Support your chapter with a gift. Your contribution benefits current and future students, chapter professional development activities, scholarships, and so much more.  To donate to the Chapter, please click here, select Alumni Programs as the area and select the chapter from the list of funds. 

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