Child and Adolescent Development Chapter


The Child & Adolescent Development Alumni Association was re-established in 2005 and chartered by CSUN Alumni Relations in 2006.  We invite you to join our chapter and engage in the exciting opportunities that are provided for Child Development students, alumni and professionals.   Whether you are a recent graduate or an alumnus of several years, we encourage you to take part as a leader in the field of Child & Adolescent Development.

With ten years of history, we continue to grow as a family and look forward to the journey ahead that holds new experiences and opportunities.  You can help make a difference!

Our goals:
  • To create opportunities for alumni to become more connected to and interactive with the university and CADAC constituency;
  • To honor and showcase our CADV alumni;
  • To support professional development of the Chapter, students, alumni, and Child and Adolescent Development Department (CADV);
  • To promote community awareness and collaboration among the Chapter, the CADV Department, the College of Health  and Human Development, the Child and Adolescent Student Association (CADA), Alumni Relations and CSUN

Our Chapter involves:

  • Monthly meetings (second Thursday of each month)
  • Mentoring programs every fall Semester
  • Working with our departmental students
  • Reorganizing our chapter and goals
  • Professional development and networking
  • Awarding student scholarships
  • Honoring outstanding CADV Alumni
  • Recognizing exemplary community programs 
  • Volunteering and philanthropy

With your involvement and contribution, the CADV Alumni Chapter can: 

  • Continue to award student scholarships
  • Continue with successful programs for students and alumni
  • Educate the CSUN community on child & adolescent advocacy 
  • Enhance communication and publicity with community partners  

We invite you to join the chapter and check out upcoming events.

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If you have questions or are interested in being a part of the CSUN Child & Adolescent Development Alumni Chapter, please email:

Chapter Contacts

2020-2021 CADV Board



Chapter President

Peri Abel
Past President

Marta Gonzales

Vice President

Roya Vetter

Communications-Social Media Chair

Lusine Martirosyan and Kathy Escobar 

Fundraising Chair
Elsa A. Detweiler and Cecilia Cortez

Awards and Recognition ChairRoya Vetter
Social ChairHouri Keshishian



Donate to the Chapter

Support your chapter with a gift. Your contribution benefits current and future students, chapter professional development activities, scholarships, and so much more.  To donate to the Chapter, please click here, select Alumni Programs as the area and select the chapter from the list of funds. 

Chapter Scholarship Information

"Chapter Scholarships are not available at this time. More information to be announced in the Spring/Summer 2021. Any questions can be addressed at"

Dr. Carol S. Kelly Endowment Scholarship
One $1,000 Scholarship awarded
The goal of the Dr. Carol Kelly Scholarship is to support a Child and Adolescent Development major or alumnus who demonstrates leadership through community involvement and who will be pursuing a graduate degree preferably at CSUN.
CADV Alumni Chapter Scholarship 
One $500 Scholarship awarded
The goal of the CADV Alumni Chapter Scholarship is to support a Child and Adolescent Development major or alumnus who is contributing to the profession through CSUN community involvement.

Nedjat Gabbaie Scholarship 
One $500 Scholarship awarded
The goal of the Nedjat Gabbaie Scholarship is to support a Child and Adolescent Development major or alumnus whose career goal is to work with children or adolescents challenged with learning disabilities or is currently working with that population.
Gonzalez Scholarship 
One $300 Scholarship awarded
The goal of the Gonzalez scholarship is to support a Child and Adolescent Development major or alumnus who is the first family member to pursue a degree in higher education.
Healthy Minds Consulting Scholarship 
One $300 Scholarship awarded
The goal of the Healthy Minds Consulting Scholarship is to support a Child and Adolescent Development major or alumnus whose career goal is to work professionally with children or adolescents.
Criteria for all Scholarships:
  • Student must be a Child and Adolescent Development major or CADV alumnus
  • Well-balanced and meaningful involvement and leadership in community and/or extra curricular activities.
  • Student must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units of coursework at CSUN. For alumni or seniors, verification of acceptance into a post B.A./graduate program and/or verification of enrollment for the Fall 2017 semester must be submitted before the scholarship is awarded.
  • Student must be in good academic standing and/or have academic competencies.
  • A completed application must include the application, a personal essay, two letters of recommendation, unofficial transcripts, verification of acceptance into a post B.A./graduate program, and/or verification of enrollment for the Fall 2017 semester if applicable.
  • Recipients are required to send a thank you note to the donor. Scholarship money will not be released until the copy of your thank you note to your donor is received.
  • CSUN GPA of at least 2.5.
Application Criteria:
The Applications for Carol Kelly, CADV Chapter, Nedjat Gabbaie, Alamdari, Gonzalez, and Healthy Minds Scholarships will be available on the CSUN Financial Aid website. Contact the CSUN Financial Aid for any questions about the application process.
Benefits to Recipient: 
  • Financial support to pursue education.
  • Public recognition as scholarship recipients.
  • The recipients will receive a formal invitation to be recognized and expected to attend the Celebrating Excellence Awards.
2016 CADV Alumni Chapter Scholarship Recipients from left to right:
Jennifer Wickman (Healthy Minds Scholarship), Karina Arroyo (Gonzalez Scholarship), Jennifer Cabrera (Nedjat Gabbaie Scholarship), Londis Ramirez (Alamdari Scholarship), Naomi Chen (CADV Alumni Chapter Scholarship)
2015 CADV Alumni Chapter Scholarship Recipients from left to right: Gregory Gomberg (Nedjat Gabbaie Scholarship), Mario Gutierrez (Healthy Minds Scholarship), Felicita Penas (Alamdari Scholarship), Ana Lidia Jimenez (Gonzalez Scholarship), Suzanne Diaz (CADV Alumni Chapter Scholarship)

2014 CADV Alumni Chapter Scholarship Recipients from left to right: Dr. Roxanne Moschetti (Faculty Advisor), Dr. David Wakefield (Department Chair), Armine Jennifer Gasparyan (Nedjat Gabbaie), Lilia Yesenia Miranda (Gonzalez), Gabriela Carrera (CADV Alumni Chapter), Catherine Placencia (Dr. Carol Kelly), Kathy Guissel Escobar (Health Minds), Youna Yaghoobzadeh (Alamdari), Marta Gonzalez (President, CADV Alumni Chapter), Dr. Carol Kelly (Past Faculty Advisor), Dr. Sylvia Alva (Dean, College of Health & Human Development)
2013 CADV Alumni Chapter Scholarship Recipients from left to right: Cristina Gutierrez (Carol Kelly Scholarship), Vana Khachatourian (Alamdari Scholarship), Cat Placencia (Healthy Minds), Brieanna Muller (Edith Munsch), Angela Lara Lomeli (CADV Alumni Chapter)

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