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The Business Honors Alumni Chapter (BHAC) is an honor society led by alumni who graduated with honors and were active leaders on campus as students.

We represent over 400 high-achieving business alumni excited to remain connected with our fellow alumni, and committed to current honors students' personal and professional growth.  Though our alumni are many, our vision is the same: to develop a tight-knit community of members who are committed to supporting each other's personal and professional growth, and who add value to the business honors experience.  In doing so, the BHAC is actively leading the business world of today, and mentoring the business leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission 
To connect our alumni, students, and CSUN. The chapter will accomplish this through building traditions, fostering alumni and student leadership, and creating opportunities for members to support one another
Our 4 Purposes:
  • Create opportunities for alumni to connect and maintain relationships with each other.
  • Create opportunities for alumni to connect with current business honors students.
  • Increase funding to benefit the business honors students.
  • Advise the BHA, BHP, and the Nazarian Business School on ways to add value to current Business Honors students.

If you have questions or interested in being a part of the Chapter, please contact us at


Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events scheduled.

Chapter Contacts


Spencer Bakst ’13

Reason for serving on board: My first purpose is to set the strategy that most effectively translates the chapter’s vision into reality. My second purpose is to build the culture of the chapter’s executive team through servant leadership as demonstrated by supporting and inspiring them towards accomplishing their department’s respective goals. I am also responsible for presiding over BHAC board meetings, and serve as the representative to CSUN’s Alumni Association Board of Directors as well as CSUN’s Business Honors Program Advisory Council.
Shane Clark ’12
Vice President

Reason for serving on board: From creating, communicating, and implementing the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction to leading, guiding, directing, and evaluating the work of other executive leaders, I have a hand in all operations of the chapter, but most specifically work to execute successful chapter events.
Kamie Valenza ’13

Reason for serving on board: My purpose is to strengthen the chapter’s financial position in order to finance the chapter’s networking initiatives and fund scholarships for students of CSUN’s Business Honors Association (BHA). I manage the pooled funds from our alumni donors and any corporate matching provided to achieve the chapter’s fund-raising goals.
Ruben Yanez ’11
Director of Alumni Relations

Reason for serving on board: I serve to encourage and facilitate alumni participation in our chapter’s events, maintain member contact databases, social media, and other means of connection with the chapter’s members. I strive to personalize the chapter’s relationship to all of its members by instilling a meaningful connection that inspires our members realize the value in being active within the chapter.

Donate to the Chapter

Support your chapter with a gift. Your contribution benefits current and future students, chapter professional development activities, scholarships, and so much more.  To donate to the Chapter, please click here, select Alumni Programs as the area and select the chapter from the list of funds. 

Additional Information, Resources & Helpful Links


Since CSUN’s first graduating class of business honors students transitioned from college to career in 2002, the business honors alumni have grown to over 400 strong. In 2015, the Business Honors Alumni Chapter (BHAC) was founded by graduates of CSUN's Business Honors Program who were active on campus through the student-led Business Honors Association (BHA). Though active as students, these graduates envisioned more opportunities for fellow honors alumni to connect and maintain relationships with each other as well as with students. Building friendship, mentorship, and networking opportunities with alumni have always been priorities within the BHA. The BHAC strengthens and supports these priorities by providing a central point where current students can reach out to an organized body of alumni. Together, the BHA and BHAC collaborate on networking events and seek/provide mentorship. Additionally, current students pursue internships and job opportunities through our chapter's pool of alumni at companies across California and beyond.