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    Inspirational 2018 Distinguished Alumni

  • Corporate Connect Program Participants

    Connecting alumni to students and each other

  • CSUN's 2017 Volunteer Service Awards winners pose on stage.

    Celebrating those who give back to CSUN

  • Celebrating CSUN Homecoming 2017

    Building Matador pride and spirit

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    Helping alumni achieve personal and professional success

  • Matador Statue

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About The Association

Welcome to the CSUN Alumni Association. CSUN alumni have every right to be proud. With over 40,000 students the demand to attend your alma mater grows stronger each year. Whether you are a new grad or longtime alum, the Alumni Association understands the importance of not only keeping you informed, but providing you with the capability to reunite and network with one another for personal and professional benefit. Let us help you get the most out of your post-CSUN life by staying in touch with fellow alums and the university.

In addition to providing you with many specialized resources, the Alumni Association supports many important campus programs. We sponsor student scholarships, recognize outstanding alumni achievement, provide professional development programming for students and alumni, participate in legislative advocacy on behalf of higher education and so much more! Join your fellow alumni in achieving new levels of excellence for CSUN in the next century.

Become a Member

Staying in touch with fellow alums and the university is one of the main benefits of membership in the Alumni Association. Members also receive specialized resources, discounts from local vendors, access to campus services, and subscriptions to a variety of campus publications. Learn more and sign up today.


The strength of your alma mater is fueled by the support of individuals who unite to promote our achievements, preserve our tradition and remain connected to Cal State Northridge. Your knowledge and experience is invaluable to us. Find out how you can help.

Attend an Event

The Alumni Association and its affiliated chapters sponsor over a hundred programs per year. See our current calendar.

Give Back

CSUN is a university of exceptional quality that each year draws thousands of students who embark upon the journey of a lifetime. They come to pursue their dreams, advance knowledge, create art, inspire children, and transform their own lives and the lives of others. They illuminate the past, shape the present, and will discover the future. They will leave the world a better place. They are our future.

When alumni, friends, and family contribute to CSUN, you support faculty and student research, provide much needed scholarships, construct new facilities, and endow many other projects that create the excellent education that we offer our students. Whether you make a small donation or a large endowment, every contribution is vital and deeply appreciated. Learn more about ways to contribute to the university.


Stop by the Alumni Association and let us help you navigate your way around campus on your next visit.