Dinner with Matadors Host Form

Dinner with Matadors is an opportunity for you as host to share your experiences with current CSUN students who want to learn more about your journey as an alumnus and life after graduation.

Dinners for Spring 2020 will be held March 27-29, 2020.  If you are unavailable to host dinner on these dates please select the "please contact me about future dates" button and we will notify you of future opportunities for Dinner with Matadors and other programs.

  • General Information:
    • Hosts can choose how many guests to have, depending on the size of your home or restaurant. 
      The Office of Alumni Relations will take care of recruiting student guests based on subjects of interest. We’ll also handle RSVPs and logistics so students know where to go and what to expect.
    • Dinners can be anything from a simple buffet to a gourmet meal. Meals may be home-cooked or brought in from a local store or eatery. If you’re not a cook, just pick up a party platter.
(if already chosen)
Include: major/minor, achievements, previous or current job description, and other pertinent information.
Please select a date when are you free to discuss your dinner.