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    Celebrating CSUN Homecoming 2017

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Chapter Volunteer Expectations

So what do we expect from our volunteers? Our most successful alumni chapter volunteers are deeply committed to advancing the goals and programs of the chapter, become intimately involved in alumni programs, enthusiastically support the institution, and work faithfully to obtain the support and participation of others. In other words;

I. Join the Alumni Association

The CSUN Alumni Association is a due’s paying organization. It is expected that chapter volunteers become annual or lifetime dues paying members of the chapter throughout their tenure on the board. It is also expected that chapter executive board members assist the chapter in growing its membership base by informing others about the benefits of Alumni Association membership.

II. Attend Meetings

Chapters generally hold executive board meetings every eight weeks, or 4-6 times per year to set the agenda and plan the calendar of chapter activities. It is expected that board members attend most of these meetings. It is expected that volunteers RSVP in a timely manner to the meeting host.

III. Serve

To forward the business of the chapter in a timely and organized manner, it is expected that chapter board members hold an office or serve on at least one committee during their term. Committee assignments will be made at the beginning of the term by the board and can change throughout the term as necessary and appropriate to interests and time availability of volunteers. Raise your hand and offer to help! Even the smallest volunteer roles make a big difference.

IV. Participate

As a member of the chapter board, visibility is key in achieving the mission of the chapter and the university. It is important to actively participate in the programs and events sponsored by the chapter.  In addition to chapter activities, volunteers are encouraged to attend programs and events sponsored by the general Alumni Association. Board members can also assist the chapter by marketing programs or selling event tickets to friends and business associates.

V. Become an Ambassador

There are a variety of ways in which volunteers can bring value to the chapter by leveraging their unique personal and business connections on behalf of the university. Board members can achieve this by serving as goodwill ambassadors in the community, by creating meaningful connections with other alumni that helps to forward the chapter agenda and by building membership, audience and community participation. It is expected that board members respect, uphold and support the strategic mission and values of Cal State Northridge.

VI. Give what you can

Beyond the annual membership fee, donations at any level are noted and appreciated. Your contribution may be designated to a strategic program sponsored by the alumni chapter, a specific academic department or program or just available to support the annual strategic initiatives of the university. Investing in CSUN shows you are committed to the university's future and count your alma mater's priorities among your own.

IV. Update your biographical information

Tell us where you live and what you're doing now. Chapter volunteers shall submit updated biographical and contact information as requested on an annual basis by the chapter president.