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State Budget Marks Reinvestment in the CSU

July 23, 2013

The state’s reinvestment in the CSU became official last week as Gov. Brown signed the 2013-14 budget, which includes $125.1 million in new funding and $125 million reinstated from last year’s budget cut.

The proposed increase brings state funding levels to $2.3 billion for the CSU’s programs and operations.

The budget will allow the CSU to focus on three main areas of expenditure: student access and success, faculty and staff compensation, and mandatory costs. The CSU remains committed to using $10 million for technology/online approaches to addressing course bottlenecks.

“This budget officially begins the state’s reinvestment in higher education and the California State University,” said Chancellor Timothy P. White. “While this is an important step in the right direction, additional efforts are still needed to help meet the unprecedented demand to attend a California State University campus.”

The governor vetoed legislative language that earmarked specified dollar amounts for various programs or created reporting requirements, but did not veto any funds from the CSU budget. He signed the higher education trailer bill (AB 94), which includes a list of outcome measures that will be part of an accountability plan, and the law for the new Middle Class Scholarship program.

“We continue to work with our elected officials and all stakeholders on further restoration of access and increases in student success,” said White. “We look forward to continued engagement on appropriate and meaningful ways to measure and to be accountable for this critical work.”