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Experts Directory - Politics and Government: Domestic

Bernardo Attias

Department of Communication Studies 
work: (818) 677-6895 / 2853


Lawrence Becker

Department of Political Science
work: (818) 677-3478


Elizabeth Blakey

Department of Journalism
work: (818) 677-3144
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  • First Amendment
  • Civil liberties
  • Social movements
  • Media law
  • Copyright
  • Libel


Kenya Covington

Department of Urban Studies and Planning
work: (818) 677-6463


Nicholas Dungey

Department of Political Science
work: (818) 677-7231

  • Political philosophy
  • Modern and postmodern political theory
  • Modern and postmodern political language
  • Modern and postmodern political power
  • Modern and postmodern political identity


Melisa Galvan

Department of Chicana/o Studies
work: (818) 677-7356
Also speaks: Spanish

  • History of Mexico, especially the 19th century
  • Borderlands history
  • Latin American history
  • History of Contraband
  • Chicano/Latino history
  • Political economy
  • Port studies


Marc R. Hamer

Department of Psychology
work: (818) 677-2827

  • Psychopathology
  • Psychoanalytical psychology
  • Object relations
  • Personality disorders
  • Attachment theory
  • Jungian psychology
  • Romantic love
  • Spirituality and human behavior
  • The influence of media on human behavior
  • The psychology of politics and political campaigns
  • Personality characteristics and sales performance
  • Author: “Personality Characteristics and Superior Sales Performance” and “Marketing Yourself as a Psychotherapist”


Tom Hogen-Esch

Department of Political Science
work: (818) 677-3484

  • Los Angeles politics
  • Urban issues
  • California politics
  • American government


John Kephart III

Department of Communication Studies
work: (818) 677-3043

  • Gender and media
  • Pop culture and identity
  • Political debates and campaigns


Jinah Kim

Department of Communication Studies
work: (818) 677-7414

  • Asian American and Korean American politics and culture, including the Los Angeles riots, 20th and 21st century popular culture, contemporary politics and K-pop
  • Asian-Latino cultural and political relations
  • Issues impacting undocumented Asian populations
  • Author: “Postcolonial Grief: Afterlives of the Pacific Wars in the Americas”


Robert Krol

Department of Economics
work: (818) 677-2430 / 2462

  • International economics  
  • State budget and tax issues


Marta Cristina López-Garza

Department of Gender and Women’s Studies
Department of Chicana/o Studies
work: (818) 677-6488 / 4785
Also speaks: Spanish

  • Economic development
  • Ethnographic field research
  • Formerly incarcerated women
  • Immigration and public policy
  • Race and class studies
  • Urban sociology
  • Women’s/feminist studies
  • Documentary filmmaking from a social science perspective
  • Visual sociology (photography)
  • Member, Community Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment, South Los Angeles
  • Member, Institute for the Renewal of the California Draw
  • Co-author: “Regions That Work: How Cities and Suburbs Can Grow Together”
  • Co-editor: “Asian and Latino Immigrants in a Restructuring Economy: The Metamorphosis of Los Angeles”
  • Documentary: “‘When Will the Punishment End?’ Formerly Incarcerated Women Rebuilding Their Lives”


Peter J. Marston

Department of Communication Studies
work: (818) 677-2797 / 2853

  • The experience and communication of romantic love
  • Cultural study of media communication
  • Political arguments and debate
  • Popular music criticism
  • Popular culture censorship


Breny Mendoza

Department of Gender and Women’s Studies
work: (818) 677-5641
Also speaks: German, Spanish

  • Political theory
  • Feminist theory
  • Latin American studies
  • Queer theory
  • Social movements
  • Gender planning
  • Author: “The Making of the Honduran Feminist Movement,” “Rethinking the Political” and “Rethinking Feminism in the Americas”


Kristina Meshelski

Department of Philosophy
work: (818) 677-2752

  • Political philosophy
  • Liberalism
  • Affirmative action
  • Fairness
  • Justice


Henrik P. Minassians

Department of Urban Studies & Planning
work: (818) 677-5115
Also speaks: Armenian, Farsi

  • Public policy and public administration
  • County government
  • Local politics
  • Performance management and governance issues related to the public sector
  • Author: Performance Reporting in Higher Education
  • Author: Reporting Higher Education Results: Missing Links in the Performance Chain
  • Learn more about Henrik P. Minassians' work:


James A. Mitchell

Department of Political Science
work: (818) 677-2673

  • United States foreign policy
  • International organizations; World Bank, IMF, UN, etc.
  • Central and Eastern European affairs
  • American government, particularly presidential elections
  • Author: “Studies in American Foreign Policy,” “Readings in American Government,” “Understanding American Government,” fourth edition, and “American Government and Politics in Focus,” second edition


Michael Neubauer

Department of Mathematics
work: (818) 677-3111
Also speaks: German

  • Weighing designs
  • Apportionment theory
  • Electoral College
  • Voting theory


Boris E. Ricks

Department of Political Science
work: (818) 677-5133

  • Racial and ethnic politics
  • Political leadership
  • Black politics
  • Urban politics
  • California politics
  • Local politics
  • Black elected officials
  • County government
  • Public policy


Martin Saiz

Department of Political Science
Center for Southern California Studies
work: (818) 677-7236

  • City politics
  • Urban politics
  • State politics
  • California politics
  • Economic development policy
  • Urban planning and development
  • Community organizing
  • Voting and elections
  • Author: “Local Parties in Political and Organizational Perspective”


Victor N. Shaw

Department of Crime and Justice Studies 
work: (818) 677-7311
Also speaks: Chinese

  • Drug abuse
  • AIDS
  • Crime
  • Deviancy
  • Criminal justice
  • Social control
  • Organizational behavior
  • Academic careers
  • Teaching research
  • Public policy
  • Economic reform
  • China/Asia issues
  • Social control in China
  • Chinese work units


James F. “Jack” Solomon

Department of English
work: (818) 677-0906 / 3431

  • Semantics
  • History of literary criticism
  • Literary theory
  • Cultural studies and criticism
  • Popular culture
  • Educational politics
  • California issues
  • Author: “The Signs of Our Times; Signs of Life in the USA” and “California Dreams and Realities”


Stella Z. Theodoulou

Special Assistant to the President and Provost
work: (818) 677-2957
Also speaks: French, Greek


Zeynep Toker

Department of Urban Studies and Planning
work: (818) 677-2872
Also speaks: German, Turkish

  • Community participation in urban planning
  • Urban design
  • Feminist approaches in urban planning
  • Qualitative research methods


Sally Turner

Department of Journalism
work: (818) 677-3135

  • Images of men and women in the media
  • Media stereotypes
  • Television news
  • Media coverage of politics
  • Media coverage of women and minorities
  • Mass media history
  • The impact of mass media


Gregory Velazco y Trianosky

Department of Philosophy
work: (818) 677-7202
Also speaks: Spanish

  • Race
  • Racism
  • Racial identity
  • Ethics
  • Moral character
  • Ethics of war
  • Political philosophy
  • Diversity and multiculturalism
  • Diversity in faculty and curriculum
  • Diversity training for corporations and governmental organizations


Wendy Wen Wang

Department of Sociology
work: (818) 677-3597
Also speaks: Chinese

  • Social demography
  • Social stratification
  • Race and ethnic relations
  • Quantitative sociology
  • Population movement
  • Migration
  • Fertility transition
  • Occupational mobility
  • Discrimination in the United States


Joseph Wiltberger

Department of Central American Studies 

work: (818) 677-6502
Also speaks: Spanish

  • Central American migration
  • Asylum and refugee matters
  • Gang-related violence in Central America
  • U.S.-Mexico border studies
  • U.S. immigration law enforcement
  • Immigration detention and deportation
  • Central American country conditions
  • U.S. Latinx immigration
  • Northern triangle (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras)
  • Political, economic and social issues in El Salvador
  • Migration, remittances and development