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My Exodus: A very Persian Passover

Shirin Raban is an award-winning designer, cine-ethnographer and educator. She created the film “The Fifth Question: Why Is This Passover Different?” and lectures at UCLA Extension and Cal State Northridge. -- Jewish Journal

Monterey Jazz Festival Announces 2017 Next Generation Jazz Festival Results

In the College Combo Division, top honors went to the USC Jazz Composers Collective (Los Angeles, Calif.), Vince Mendoza, director, their first win in the division. The runner-up was the FROST Sextet from the University of Miami (Coral Gables, Fla.), Chuck Bergeron, director. Third place went to the California State University, Northridge Rainbow Sandwich (Northridge, Calif.), Matt Harris, director. USC Jazz Composers Collective will perform at the 60th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival in September. -- Broadway World

Assistant water polo coach gives the Sun Devils an edge on their journey toward success

In July 2016, Matthies was named the program's newest assistant coach. Matthies was fresh off a 15-11 record during his first season at California State University, Northridge and finished second in the Big West Conference standings. He was able to lead the Matadors to seventh in the nation during his first year at the program. -- The State Press

The Red Report - Amir Garrett

Garrett eventually found his way to Las Vegas, NV, however, and matriculated to the Henderson International School in suburban Henderson, in large part due to his excellence as a basketball player. From there, you largely know the story, as Garrett attended St. John's University to play hoops before transferring to Cal State Northridge, but that didn't keep the Cincinnati Reds from drafting him out of high school back in 2011 in the 22nd round, lobbing a large signing bonus at him, and being quite patient while he eventually focused on baseball full-time. -- SB Nation Red Reporter

Photography as tool for social change on tap tonight

Bigelow's immigration work has been exhibited worldwide with images residing in the permanent collection at the California Museum of Photography. Bigelow has worked for some of the world's leading publications including the Los Angeles Times, Time magazine, Smithsonian, Newsweek, Der Spiegel, National Geographic Traveler, People and The NY Times Magazine. Todd was part of two team Pulitzer Prizes awarded to the LA Times for coverage of the Los Angeles Riots and the Northridge Earthquake. When not on assignment, Bigelow teaches photography at his alma mater, CSU Northridge, and at seminars around the country. -- The Union

L.A. Jazz Is Having a Moment. So Why Are So Many of the City's Jazz Clubs Closing?

There are plenty of larger venues potentially at hand throughout Southern California for music, many of them opening since 2009, but most have either cut back or at best maintained the number of dates devoted to live jazz. The Broad Stage in Santa Monica announced an ambitious "jazz council" in 2013, but followed with little noticeable expansion of jazz programming. The Luckman Jazz Orchestra at Cal State L.A. was shut down in 2014, and the Luckman Fine Arts Complex has held few jazz concerts since. The Valley Performing Arts Center at CSUN Northridge scheduled four jazz concerts as part of its 2016-17 season. Most other college and performance stages in the area rarely present major jazz acts. -- LA Weekly

How America USED to look: Ultra-precise maps complied for insurance companies from as early as the 1860s reveal incredible detail about neighborhoods across the US

But by the 1970s those atlases became less popular as insurance companies changed the way they assessed risks. So when the Sanborn Company, which still makes maps today – though with fewer minuscule details – was moving out of their San Francisco office, they decided to get rid of the historic atlases in that office. And that’s when young Professor Elliot McIntire, now 76, picked them up and brought them back to the Geography Department at California State University, Northridge, just outside Los Angeles. -- Daily Mail - United Kingdom

More teachers wanted across California

“If there’s not a whole lot of support and they’re working long hours for low money, they leave the field,” said Wendy Murawski, the executive director and Eisner Endowed Chair of Cal State Northridge’s Center for Teaching and Learning. “Everybody comes in and wants to give 110 percent, but you can’t do that long term.” The bills introduced this year include ones that give teachers tax credits, exempt them from state income taxes, prevent districts from charging new teachers fees, give financial incentives for teaching in under-served communities and provide grants for them to teach certain hard-tofill subjects. -- Record-Bee