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‘Re-Imagined’ Glendale Central Library to Open May 1

Shant Sahakian, life-long Glendale resident, graduate of Herbert Hoover High School and a Glendale Community College and Cal State Northridge alumnus, was just elected to the Glendale Unified School Board as District D representative. Sahakian participated in community life from a very young age, and has served on numerous local boards. He is currently serving on the City of Glendale Arts & Culture Commission, which works with the Library, Arts & Culture Department; he is also serving on the Armenian American Museum’s Development Committee and when that museum is built it will be directly next to the Downtown Central Library. -- Asbarez

LA Riots 25 years later: The fallout of Rodney King verdict has given way to fragile peace

By the early 90s, as many as one in four blacks was without a job, said Josh Sides, a professor of history at Cal State Northridge, author of a book and articles about the ‘92 L.A. riots. Drug addiction and alcoholism soared. In 1991 and 1992, the record years for homicide in Los Angeles, 3,200 people were murdered, most of them young black men. -- Los Angeles Daily News

California eyes teacher pay boosts to keep them in state

“If there’s not a whole lot of support and they’re working long hours for low money, they leave the field,” said Wendy Murawski, the executive director and Eisner Endowed Chair of Cal State Northridge’s Center for Teaching and Learning. “Everybody comes in and wants to give 110 percent, but you can’t do that long term.” -- Record-Bee

CSUN to Shine the Spotlight on Hollywood’s Future Filmmakers at Showcase

The stories are as diverse as their filmmakers: A girl trying to get out from under the thumb of an overbearing mother. An American taking an unexpected journey on his way to joining the Israeli military. A teenager getting a new perspective on her grandmother. A dancer fleeing an abusive relationship. A struggling actor going on an imaginative journey with a terminally ill child. -- San Fernando Valley Sun

CSUN Food Scarcity Discussion Aims to Break Stereotypes of Homeless Students

The term homeless is challenged when it strays from its visual stereotype of a person living in the streets, who lacks money, food and domestic resources. College students might not realize that while they focus on taking notes during lectures, others may also be worrying about when their next shower, meal or opportunity to sleep in a bed will be. -- SCV News

Letter to the Editor: Armen Manuk-Khaloyan, master’s candidate in history,Cal State Northridge: ‘The Promise’ Closely Adheres to History

I recently read Rob Eshman’s column “Morgenthau’s Children” (April 21) in the Jewish Journal, where, in describing the exchange between Ambassador Henry Morgenthau and Ottoman Empire Interior Minister Mehmet Talaat in the movie “The Promise,” he wrote, “I don’t know whether the incident happened exactly as it played on screen.” -- Jewish Journal