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Graduation Checklist

Use the Graduation Checklist on this page to advance toward your bachelor's degree, avoid common roadblocks and graduate in good time. If you haven't yet applied for your bachelor's degree and diploma, see Apply to Graduate.

If you have additional questions after reviewing the Graduation Checklist, please contact:

1. Watch for your "Graduation Evaluation" Degree Progress Report (DPR).

After you apply to graduate online, Undergraduate Degree Services will notify you to review all the degree requirements in your Graduation Evaluation/Degree Progress Report (DPR)*:

  • 1st Bachelor's Degree Candidates: You will receive a communication to your CSUN email account requesting you to review all your degree requirements in your online Graduation Evaluation/DPR.
  • 2nd Bachelor’s Degree Candidates: Your paper Graduation Evaluation will be mailed to your address of record. (Evaluations are not available online at this time.)

*When you apply to graduate, you will receive a special DPR that is clearly labeled "Graduation Evaluation." The report will list all of your completed and incomplete degree requirements.

2. Review your Degree Progress Report/Planner each semester.

After you've applied to graduate, continue to review your DPR/Planner each semester. You can also utilize the CSUN University Catalog to understand all of the requirements for your degree.* 

Look for discrepancies in your DPR. If you find one, please see the appropriate person, office or website below for assistance:

  • For the placement of courses in your major, contact your academic advisor.
  • For transferring courses to CSUN from other schools, visit Transfer Course Information.
  • For the graduation evaluation report and/or General Education course placement, contact your Undergraduate Degree Services graduation advisor.

*Though second bachelor's degree candidates have no DPR at this time, please refer to Second Bachelor's Degree Requirements.

3. Submit any needed course substitution/waiver forms.

If needed, request that your major or minor department submit an approved “Course Substitution or Waiver” form to Undergraduate Degree Services for processing. Course Substitution or Waiver forms require the approval of your major/minor department. Please contact your department(s) for assistance.

4. Send us your transcripts.

If you have attended any other institutions of higher education, submit all official transcripts to Admissions and Records as soon as possible. If you are transferring in course work from a California community college, save time with eTranscript California.

5. Resolve grades of "Incomplete."

Resolve any “Incomplete” grades for CSUN courses. An Incomplete grade at CSUN must be removed within one calendar year of receipt and prior to your planned graduation date.

6. Pass the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam (UDWPE).

Passing the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam (UDWPE) is a graduation requirement; not passing will delay your graduation. Take and pass the UDWPE before the last possible test date for the semester or term of your planned graduation.

Important information decorative graphic PLEASE NOTE: The UDWPE has been temporarily suspended to adhere to California Gov. Newsom’s social distancing guidelines.  Please see the “UDWPE Suspended” notice on the CSUN Testing Center website.

7. Complete your final semester.

Review your Graduation Evaluation/Degree Progress Report with your academic advisor or Undergraduate Degree Services graduation advisor.

8. Confirm awarding of the degree before the document deadline to graduate.

Submit all documents required for graduation (transcripts, course substitution/waiver forms, etc.) on or before the document deadline published in the Graduation Calendar.

9. Extend your anticipated graduation date if needed.

If you won’t be able to complete all degree requirements by the end of the semester or term of your planned graduation date, you will need to submit a “Bachelor’s Degree Date Change” form and request approval from Undergraduate Degree Services (UDS). The form is available at UDS Forms.

10. Clear university holds.

Check and clear all your university holds. Check your CSUN email account regularly for hold messages. To view all holds, log into myNorthridge and select SOLAR Student Center in the "Quick Links" box. 

For help, see the guide View Holds.