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  • Self-Paced Guides for Staff that Schedule CSUN Classes.

Self-Paced Guides for Staff Who Schedule CSUN Classes

Use these guides to schedule and maintain department class data, define requisites, create combined sections, define permissions, manage supervision classes, and generate reports. The site also links to resources, includes SOLAR brief sheets about special course types, tips to troubleshoot the SOC, and scheduling requirements. 

Before You Begin

During the Build

After the Build

During the Semester

Skills Assessment Module

This module is only available through on-campus CSUN connections or VPN. 

After reviewing the SOC self-paced guides and requirements, use the skills assessment module to reinforce your class scheduling knowledge. 

Your college may have different ways they want things done, so it’s up to you to learn what they are by staying connected with your College SOLAR Coordinator (CSC). You’re not alone in this. A team is available to support you at every turn. We want you to succeed!