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What is Registration Planner?

Registration Planner (found in the myNorthridge Portal or the CSUN mobile app) allows you to quickly and easily create your preferred class schedule each semester. You can enter times when you want breaks for work or other activities, compare possible schedule options and save your favorites. Once you have determined your final schedule, you can send it directly to the enrollment shopping cart. Most importantly, by indicating and selecting your schedule through Registration Planner, you will allow the university to better plan and prepare to meet your needs. You’ll help to reduce class overcrowding and improve your access to the courses you need in the future.

Important information.Pro tips:

  • Registration Planner does not automatically enroll you in classes. Remember to import your final schedule to the enrollment cart and finish adding there.
  • Course prerequisites, corequisites, unit limits, etc., are not checked until you submit an enrollment request. Use the Degree Road Maps and Degree Progress Report/Planner, and meet with your advisor to identify the courses needed to complete your degree.
  • Be sure to clear all registration holds beforehand; they will prevent you from viewing the enrollment cart.

How do I use Registration Planner?

Learn how to use Registration Planner with this video tutorial, and follow the step-by-step instructions below it.

Step 1

Go to the CSUN home page at and:

  1. Select the myNorthridge Portal link.
  2. Log in with your CSUN User ID and Password.

CSUN home page showing login panel.

Step 2

Your myNorthridge Home page displays. Select the Academics tab.

In the Academics Quick Links box, select the Degree Planning Tools icon. 

Portal home page and Quick Links box

Step 3

The Degree Planning Tools icon presents a light box with three (3) tool choices:

  • Degree Road Maps
  • Degree Progress Report and Planner
  • Registration Planner

If you know the courses you want, select Step 3: Registration Planner.

"Academics" section with Registration Planner link to begin.

Step 4

The Registration Planner Instructions page displays, including:

  • Basic information and directions
  • The terms available for planning
  • A link to this How-To Guide
  • Navigation buttons to go to Registration Planner or the Continue Enrollment pages

Under the heading Get Started, click Registration Planner.

Registration Planner Instructions page

Step 5

The Registration Planner (also called Schedule Planner) application opens in a new window. The Select Term page displays and lists the terms available for planning.

  1. Select the desired term.
  2. Click Save and Continue.

The Select Term page in Registration Planner

Step 6

The Registration Planner home page displays. On this page you may:

  • Set filters (optional): Course Status*, Session and/or Term
  • Select Courses to schedule
  • Enter Breaks (optional)
  • Generate Schedules

*Registration Planner defaults to open classes only. To generate schedules that include closed classes during the wait listing period, change the Course Status option:

  1. Select the Course Status Change button on the home page.
  2. On the Course Status screen, select the filter "Open & Full w/Waitlist Open.”
  3. Save (or cancel) to return to the home page.

Registration Planner home page and course status filter.

Step 7

Select the Add Break button to enter times for work, athletics practice, and other activities when you don’t want to take classes.

Important information. Breaks limit class options, so be flexible whenever possible. Only enter activities that are fixed and unchangeable.

  1. Enter a Break Name. The title will display on schedules.
  2. Enter Start and End Times and corresponding am or pm values.
  3. Check individual day buttons or select Days to include all weekdays.
  4. Click the Add Break button to save your entry and return to the Registration Planner home page.

Add New Break by name, start/end times and day(s)

Step 8

To choose courses you want Registration Planner to schedule, select Add Course from the home page. The Add Course page displays.

Important information. Always read the Course Description for any prerequisites or corequisites.  

  1. Use the “By Subject” or “Search by Attribute” tabs to select courses. In this example, we search by subject.
  2. Choose a Subject from the drop down menu [ex., Geography (49)].
  3. Choose a Course from the drop down menu [ex., 101 – THE PHYSCL ENVIRN (3)]
  4. Click the Add Course button to add it to the list.

Repeat Steps 1-4 until all of your courses have been added to the list.

Click Back to return to the Registration Planner home page, view the course list and generate schedules.

View of Add Course page and options.

Step 9

The Registration Planner home page displays the grid of desired courses along with new icons that give you more options:

  • Options icon – View all class sections for the course. Choose one or more sections to include in your possible schedules, which will limit results. Works best for scheduling cohorted lecture and lab classes.
  • (i) icon – Show course details and requisites.
  • Lock icon – Memo that you have “locked” a class section that you really want in order to plan possible schedules around it. Lock the section in "View schedule" mode and then regenerate schedules (see Step 11 below).
  • (x) icon – Delete a course from the list.

When satisfied with your selections, click the Generate Schedules button and view results (View 1, View 2, etc.).

Options to refine your course selections before generating possible schedules.

Step 10

Once the Generate Schedules list has been created, you may:

  • Compare up to 4 schedules. Check 2 to 4 boxes and select the "Compare" button to view them side by side (shown below).
  • Hover to preview each color-coded course or break.
  • Use the magnifying glass in the list for a thumbnail view of a single schedule.
  • View schedule details using the “View” link (ex. View 1).

When you find a schedule you like, select its “View” link to navigate to the “Send to Cart” page. 

View of 4 thumbnail schedules side by side.

Step 11

Your preferred potential schedule displays in detail. 

Important information. Registration holds will prevent you from accessing the SOLAR Student Center to finish the schedule import and view your enrollment cart.  Also, the CSUN Schedule of Classes may change before you enroll, especially if you sent a schedule to your cart several days before your registration appointment. To include any new class sections and update available seats, return to Registration Planner close to your enrollment time, generate new schedules, and send one to your cart.

On the View Schedule page, you can:

  1. Scroll horizontally through all the possible schedules that were generated.
  2. Print or save a schedule.
  3. Choose one schedule and click the “Send to Shopping Cart” button to begin the import process.Print button and horizontal scroll button to view selected schedules.
  4. Confirm that you want to import the schedule. To continue, click OK on the “transfer” confirmation window.

Send to cart button and confirm transfer window.

Step 12

The Registration Planner application closes and a new Confirmation page displays with these instructions:

  1. Switch to the “Student Center” tab in your Web browser and click “Continue Enrollment.”
  2. Then on the enrollment shopping cart page, click the “Import Cart” button.

Close the Registration Planner window in your Web browser and switch to the "Student Center" tab.

Registration Planner exit page. Close and continue in SOLAR Student Center.

Step 13

On the Student Center tab of your Web browser, the Registration Planner Instructions page displays.

Select the Continue Enrollment button to go to the enrollment pages and finish the import process.

Student Center Registration Planner Instructions and Continue Enrollment button.

Step 14

The Student Center Select Classes to Add page displays, including your enrollment shopping cart.

  1. Select the “Import Cart” button to load your proposed schedule into the cart.

 Enrollment shopping cart and import cart button.

Step 15

The Select classes to add – Enrollment Preferences displays the first class to import from Registration Planner to your cart.

Important information. While this process imports each class from Registration Planner, it does not enroll you. When it’s your time to enroll, revisit the Enrollment Preferences page to enter a Permission Number or wait list for closed classes.

To continue the import process:

  1. Review the Enrollment Information for course requirements.
  2. Select Next to advance to the next class to import.
  3. Repeat this step to finish importing each class to your cart. 

Enrollment Preferences page, course requisites and Next button.


Step 16

Review your enrollment cart to verify the imported schedule.

Important information. If your registration appointment has arrived, proceed with enrollment. 

Cart shows imported classes. Enroll if registration appointment has arrived. 

Step 17

The View Results page displays errors or confirms success for the enrollment request.

  • An “X” means an error occurred and SOLAR was unable to add the class.
  • A check mark means your request was successful. 

View results of requested enrollment transaction: success or errors.

Informational Only Important information.

When you start a new Registration Planner session, the application will read and update your current schedule of enrolled classes and any classes pending in your shopping cart. 

When editing your course selections to generate additional schedules:

  • Check the Breaks checkbox (defaults to unchecked in a new session).
  • Refresh Registration Planner in your Web browser after changing your enrolled classes or shopping cart on the enrollment pages to update the information. This is critical if you changed your schedule or cart while Registration Planner was still open.
  • Log out of Registration Planner and myNorthridge Portal when done.

Refresh Registration Planner to reflect your current schedule and shopping cart.