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Last Day to Drop Classes, Spring 2023

Friday, February 17, 2023 - 11:59pm

Online self-service registration system

Feb. 17, 2023, is the end of the fourth week of classes and the 20th day of instruction, when recorded enrollments are considered official. Please finalize your schedule today if possible.

After the fourth week of instruction:

  • To drop one or more classes, completely withdraw, or change the basis of grading, formal approval is required. Please complete the appropriate late schedule change form.*
  • Make sure you understand the possible consequences of reducing units and/or the Credit/No Credit grading policy. Your academic advisor is available to assist.
  • To add classes, request a permission number from your professor and enroll using self-service registration.

*If approval to drop after Feb. 17 is granted, a grade of "W" — authorized withdrawal — will be assigned.

For additional instructions, forms and deadlines, visit Late Schedule Changes.

Important fee payment information:

  • If you drop classes before the 60% point of instruction, you might be eligible for a prorated refund.
  • If you add classes after Feb. 17, you may owe additional tuition and other fees. Be sure to check your student account balance in the CSUN Portal. Helpful View Student Account Information How-To Guide