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eTranscript California

Thanks to the Internet-based eTranscript California system, an increasing number of California community colleges can send your transcripts to CSUN electronically. If you are transferring course work from one or more of the community colleges listed on this page, take advantage of eTranscript California.

Save time and money!  eTranscript California:

  • Is faster than paper transcripts because we receive them quickly—within a day or so.
  • Reduces the time it takes us to evaluate your transfer course work.
  • Is free of charge to students who have attended any of the California community colleges in List 1 below.
    • If you are applying for admission to CSUN, we will request your e-transcripts from the schools in List 1 at the time you submit your online application and they will be sent to us automatically. At all other times, however, you must ask your school to send your transcripts to CSUN.
    • If your schools are in List 2 below, you will need to order and possibly pay your school for e-transcripts to be sent to CSUN. They might be free, but check the rules for ordering transcripts at your college.

Please note:

  1. CSUN accepts e-transcripts from California community colleges through the eTranscript California system only. Electronic transcripts from other vendors or those sent to us in Portable Document Format (PDF) must be printed and processed manually, so they are no faster than paper transcripts, taking up to eight weeks to evaluate.
  2. Please do not send identical, duplicate paper and/or electronic transcripts!

Check the two (2) lists of California community colleges on this page to see if they can send your transcripts to CSUN through eTranscript California. If you are not applying for admission but want to transfer credits to CSUN, see "E-transcripts for current CSUN students" below.  

IMPORTANT: Please read the special instructions with each list.

List 1 - Schools that accept CSUN's request to send e-transcripts at time of application

The following California community colleges will automatically send e-transcripts at CSUN's request at the time you submit your application for CSUN admission.  At all other times, you will need to request e-transcripts from these schools.

You must request your transcripts from the community colleges in List 1 (CSUN cannot request them) if:

  • You did not report attending the school in your application, and/or
  • You will send us the required final transcripts with grades posted for the course work reported as “in-progress” when you submitted your application.

IMPORTANT: Log into myNorthridge Portal > My Checklist to confirm that CSUN has received your e-transcripts. If you see that e-transcripts have been ordered but not received and one week has passed, contact the sending institution. 

  1. American River College
  2. Antelope Valley College
  3. Cerritos College
  4. Chabot College
  5. Chaffey College
  6. Cosumnes River College
  7. Cypress College
  8. East Los Angeles College
  9. El Camino College / El Camino Compton Center - Temporarily unavailable. Please contact college to order transcripts.
  10. Folsom Lake College
  11. Fullerton College
  12. Las Positas College
  13. Los Angeles City College
  14. Los Angeles Harbor College
  15. Los Angeles Mission College
  16. Los Angeles Southwest College
  17. Los Angeles Trade Technical College
  18. Los Angeles Valley College
  19. Pierce College  (LA Pierce College)
  20. Sacramento City College
  21. West Los Angeles College

List 2 - Schools from which students must request e-transcripts for admission

The following California community colleges participate in eTranscript California, but students must order their e-transcripts when applying for admission to CSUN. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Order your e-transcripts from the schools in List 2 based on when you anticipate completing the transfer course work for admission to CSUN in the upcoming fall semester as follows:

  • If you will complete ALL course work by the end of the current fall term, have e-transcripts sent to CSUN at the time you apply for admission.
  • If you will complete all course work by the end of the upcoming spring term, apply for admission first and then have e-transcripts sent to CSUN in early February.

Order your e-transcripts from these community colleges:

  1. Allan Hancock College
  2. Bakersfield College
  3. Berkeley City College
  4. Butte College
  5. Cerro Coso Community College
  6. Clovis Community College
  7. College of Alameda
  8. College of the Canyons
  9. Contra Costa College
  10. Crafton Hills College
  11. Cuesta College
  12. De Anza College
  13. Diablo Valley College
  14. Foothill College
  15. Fresno City College
  16. Gavilan College
  17. Glendale Community College
  18. Hartnell College
  19. Lake Tahoe Community College
  20. Laney College
  21. Lassen College
  22. Los Medanos College
  23. Mendocino College
  24. Merritt College
  25. MiraCosta College
  26. Monterey Peninsula College
  27. Moorpark College
  28. Mt. San Antonio College
  29. Oxnard College
  30. Palomar College
  31. Porterville College
  32. Reedley College
  33. Santa Ana College
  34. Santa Barbara City College
  35. Santa Rosa Junior College
  36. Santiago Canyon College
  37. Shasta College
  38. Southwestern College
  39. Ventura College

E-transcripts for current CSUN students

If you are a current CSUN student (i.e., you have already been admitted) wishing to transfer course work from a California community college to CSUN, please request e-transcripts from any of the schools you've attended in Lists 1 and 2 above.  

Save time and money!  When we receive your e-transcripts through the eTranscript California system:

  • You do not need to order a paper transcript;
  • Your e-transcript may be free of charge (check with the sending institution);
  • We will receive your e-transcript quickly;
  • The time it takes us to evaluate your transfer course work will be reduced.

Check with the sending institution about their rules and fees (if any) for ordering e-transcripts.