Admissions and Records


What is CSUNny?

CSUNny (pronounced Sea-Sunny!) is an Artificial Intelligence chatbot. You can ask CSUNny questions 24/7 and you'll always get an answer. CSUNny's knowledge base has thousands of answers, but if it needs some help, a human will step in (during business hours).

We're gradually rolling out a text-based system to students so you can chat by text message with CSUNny right from your phone, with the goal to eventually support all students by text. If you haven't received a welcome text message, no worries, CSUNny also has a web-mode! You can chat with CSUNny right here (see bottom of page) and have access to the exact knowledge base here and on any CSUN page you see the Ask CSUNny button!

Who sees my messages?

Only approved staff can view your messages to CSUNny, for the purposes of stepping in to help out the bot if necessary. We take your privacy seriously. Your data is protected and will never be sold to third parties.

Can I opt out of text messages?

Absolutely. You are only contacted by CSUNny if you've elected to receive text messages from the university (usually on your application to the school). But if you don't want to hear from us, you only need to text #PAUSE for a temporary stop or #STOP to discontinue all messaging. And you can change your mind later either way!

How to update your mobile phone number:

Log in to your CSUN Portal, select Student Services then SOLAR Student Center, and you'll find Personal Information in the third section. Update as needed. And you can tell CSUNny your new number, but this will NOT change it on the Portal/with the Records office.



If you have doubts about the authenticity of any text message received from CSUN, you can contact CSUN IT at or 818-677-1400